5+ Youtube Channel Art Template


Youtube Channel Art Template Sample Helps You to Be Stunning

Youtubers always use the art templates to show off their creativity of content on their channels. The Youtube Channel Art Template Sample can help you deal with it.

Youtube is a popular platform for publishing videos. Since it can be monetized, Youtubers compete for one each other to grab the higher subscribers and the viewers as well.

Besides the contents, the viewers are interested to see the banners of the channels. Youtube channel art template sample can help you to grab their attention.


The Definition of Youtube Channel Art Template Sample 

When you hear a term called channel art, it means that it deals with the banner across the top of a Youtube channel page. It is usually used to brand the channel. The channel art is quite essential to have a new avenue of Youtube because the first thing visitors see is the banner.

It can be used to deliver the critical information about the channel. It can contain the schedule of uploading, social media accounts, taglines, and many more. So, here’s how to create a Youtube channel art template sample.

1. Creating your Youtube channel art template sample 

Creating the template can lead you to a few options. They are doing it by yourself, using the free tool, and using Canva and Snappa. Here, you will know more about them.

  • Do it yourself

When you are custom to design graphics, you can use photo editor such as Photoshop to create your Youtube channel art template sample. You can explore your skills in producing the template for your Youtube channel.

  • Photo

It is a tool that you can get freely. This tool has a specific feature in designing the art template, especially for Youtube Channel. You can make your art template by creating a fantastic banner in simple steps.


This tool has many collections of templates. By uploading the photos or images plus writing some text, you can export your Fotor art template on your channel.


  • Canva and Snappa

These two graphic design tools are of high quality, especially in dragging and dropping online. The features they have are more robust than the free tools offer. So, you can make your unique designs using these tools.


2. The Tips to create a Youtube channel art template sample

There are some tips you need to pay attention to to get the stunning art template.

  • Youtube requires images with 2560×1440 pixels, and the dimensions are 2048×1152 pixels minimum.
  • Try to look professional by using a stunning designed banner of your Youtube channel


When you create your Youtube channel art template sample, you are dealing with the creativity in you and display it on the template. So, be more creative to get stunning banners of your channel.



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