Easy Step To Make A Grievance Letter And Its Example

A worker may find difficulties in the company. If you ever experience it, we suggest you prepare a grievance letter toward the company. This letter will help you seek justice or even punish the violator. Ensure that you are in the right position for rising a grievance, if it’s not then you will be in trouble for making any inconvenience in the workplace.


What Can Be Ground For A Grievance?

There are many things that can be grounds for a grievance, such as the terms and conditions of the employment contract in the company, you may take issue regarding your pay and benefit which is a bit different than your colleagues, the way the others employees treated you at the workplace, and so many. This is truly obvious that most of the grounds for grievance are easily recognizable.

What Are The Types Of Grievances?

There are many types of grievances that commonly happen in the workplace, those are:

Interpersonal Issues

It is a common cause of grievances because there is always a problem that arises in social life. The issues are age, gender, race, sexual orientation, and many more.

About Pay And Benefits

This is the second common cause where there are always exist dissatisfaction in the employee environment.

Working Schedule And Conditions

People who use this reason probably working on a tight busy work schedule, where typically use this cause for grievance related to wanting flexible working time schedule.

How To Write A Grievance Letter?

Begin your letter with a brief statement of why you write the letter and followed with the problem you received in the workplace. In the next paragraph, go explain the details surrounding and include the person, date, time, and how the problem arose at the time being. State this incident clearly without any additional unnecessary event. Then close the letter with good language.

An Example Of A Grievance Letter

Dear Ms. Rath,

I am writing this letter to inform you about the incident that happened to me in the past two weeks. There are some people who is being rude to me, where he and his group try to bother me and ruined my focus in the workplace. I was trying to hide this incident until they repeat the same action again which makes me writing this letter.

My access card number is _____________

My employee card number is ___________

The incident started when I was going to the satisfactory office, there are two person Mr. James and I, then sooner came by Mr. Heat with his two other friends I don’t really remember the name. Mr. Heat starts playing with my shoes, he rapidly stomps my shoes lightly then the other make fun of my personal look. I was only standing there without responding to them, but Mr. James seems to growled with their actions and push away Mr. Heat which causes him to bounce onto the door. Then, he takes me to another room and told me that I have to stay calm when dealing with them.

I look forward to your further action regarding this and will wait until two weeks before seeking help from a higher authority about my problem in the workplace. Please contact me at (123)-123-1234 or by email at stewardbliss@gmail.com and as soon as possible I will respond to your messages.


Ms. Bliss Steward

Hope this article can help you in understanding this grievance letter. Do not hesitate to edit the example. Good luck!




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