How to Write A Powerful University Appeal Letter

During the study, some circumstances cause students to be put in a difficult situation. Luckily, most universities receive appeal letters that the student can use to address various circumstances so they can get a second chance. If you are now facing this situation, writing a powerful university appeal letter is important to win your case.


How Do You Appeal If You Fail?

There is some situation that causes students to need to write an appeal letter. This can be their scholarship programs, the grade, and others. However, some students always fail to appeal their case so they have to take consequences. If they do it correctly, at least they can get a second chance.

Act Quickly

The appeal letter must be submitted in a certain period. Sometimes it less than two weeks. For example, you received a letter that you have failed an exam. Within this period you have to do research quickly and learn the regulation on how to appeal your case.

Get Some Advice

Many students fail to appeal their case and they have wasted a lot of time and then they seek some help. You have to arrange a strategy by seeking help and guidance. When you find the right person, he or she will raise some arguments to help you answer this question properly. So, seek help first and then appeal. Don’t do the opposite thing as it will waste your time.

Always Read The Regulation Well

Try to find out what arguments that possibly come when you are appealing your case. Find out what is acceptable and not. Try to be familiar with the regulation in your university, for example, if the dean has failed to respond to your appeal within two weeks, then you automatically win your case because this is the university’s rule.

Try To Spend Time With Your Case

Always and always! Get prepared. You have to make sure you understand well your statement and have a strong defense when you are questioned and attacked with arguments. damage roommateGertrudeme roommate

The Example Of Simple And Professional University Appeal Letter

Dear Mr. Dereck,


My name is Alena and I am writing this letter to appeal the $200 fine against me along with my roommate in Grand Hall. I was aware that last Friday January 1, 2021, there was a new year party in the hall which was out of hand so it resulted in da,maged to some properties. As the housing department has no idea who attended the party and not so everyone who is staying in Grand Hall should be responsible for all the damages.

At the same time, my roommate and I were not there because we attended the funeral of my father. We went home to Beverly Hills so I didn’t attend the party. My parents, my relatives, and my friends in the dorm can testify that I was not available during the party. Besides, I also have the funeral invitation along with the picture of, the funeral ceremony.

Therefore, I would like to ask you please excuse me and my roommate from being fined $200 for the damage as I can provide evidence that I wasn’t there. I am available at any convenient schedule. If you want to discuss this matter, please reach me at (555)555-555 or email me at

Thank you for your consideration.



Gertrude Hook



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