A Simple Example Of Navy Officer Resignation Letter

Working as a navy officer is not the same as in most companies. It requires a long screening process because they need the best candidate to run the task. So is quitting from this position. There is a long regulation to follow. But speaking about quitting from a job, a navy officer resignation letter is a good start to begin.


How To Resign Gracefully As A Navy Officer?

speaking about writing a polite letter, you need to pay attention to your writing tone and some formal aspects in the navy field. Certain formats require you to write them on it. You can ask for a copy of a head letter from your navy department if it is allowed to be used as formal correspondence. Besides, consider the following aspects so your navy officer resignation can be powerful:

Avoid lengthy explanation

You might think about giving a long explanation of your reason for quitting your job. Unfortunately, the letter is not a proper way to do it. You can discuss it with your superior face to face and explain your difficult situation.

Never talk about your hates for your job

No matter how much you hate your position now, never discuss it straightly with your superior. Just give a strong reason why you have to quit as soon as possible. You need to maintain a good relationship with them and always show your gratitude for getting a chance to work and handling this position.

Don’t Criticize your peers

Becoming a navy is not easy but that is about it. Even if you cannot work well with your peers, it doesn’t mean you need to criticize it in front of your superior. He or she will only see you as an unprofessional person. It means that you have no emotional intelligence which you cannot be put in a frustrating situation.

Never use inappropriate language

Even if it is a navy job, trying to stay formal and polite will be more appreciated. No one likes inappropriate words especially if you want to leave a good mark. Use subtle language but straight to the point without being offensive.

The Example Of Navy Officer Resignation Letter

Dear Naval Secretary Kim and Commander Jock,


I am writing this letter to inform you that I am officially resigning as a Naval Officer of the United States of America. Therefore, please accept my resignation letter. I also have been informed that I will receive a certificate of honorable discharge.

As you already know that my mother is suffering from cancer and now she is in the last stage of her illness. I want to give the best memories for the rest of her life.

During my 5 years of service, I have been through a lot of things as a navy officer. I am very grateful for all of the experience and lessons I got from this field. I wish you all the best and I hope we will meet the same path in the future.

Thank you for your consideration.


Yours Sincerely


Allan Grooms

Writing a professional navy officer resignation letter doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need some good examples and tips. We hope our example helps you!


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