A Short Guide To Write Graphic Designer Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter is written by an individual who knows someone’s powerful skills. Typically, a recommendation letter is a part of requirements in some events such as the hiring or scholarship screening process. This recommendation letter is written by the teacher, lecturers, professors, coworkers, managers, and even friends. On this page, we would like to discuss a graphic designer recommendation letter. We provide some tips on how to write it professionally.

Can You Write Your Own Graphic Designer Recommendation Letter?

In short, you cannot write your recommendation letter. You are required to ask someone who knows you very well in your field to recommend you through a formal letter. Besides, when someone writes a recommendation letter for you, he or she has full responsibility for the letter. This is why they are required to add their contact, fromprofessionallyess. Furthermore, the institution or company you are applying to will contact the individual who wrote the letter and use them as a reference.

Additionally, when you are applying, at the end of your cover letter you declare that all the information you have provided is factual. If they find you have faked your recommendation letter, they will disqualify your application, and you are eliminated directly from the list.

What Makes A Good Recommendation Letter?

A strong graphic designed recommendation letter should provide specific detail that illustrates someone’s powerful skills. For example, if you are recommending someone and say someone is good at designing, make it clear by mentioning the experience and awards. For example, the individual has worked for some years in the field, and also the individual has won various titles in some competitions. That will be more promising.

An Example Of Simple Graphic Recommendation Letter

Dear Human Resources Director,

It is my pleasure to recommend Emily Cook to fill a Graphic Designer position at ABC Company. Emily was an apprentice in my department and she worked with me for 6 months.

During her service, I am very pleased with her designing skills considering there are some difficult clients to deal with. At that time, she had been successfully finished some of the most difficult projects on time and received fewer complain from some of the customers. Additional things that make me adore her is her attitude with the customers and coworkers. Besides a hard-working person, Emily can blend very well with other teams and patient enough with the clients no matter how challenging the task is.

Therefore, I would like to recommend her to work in the ABC Company as I see there is a position that will suits her the best. If you have anything to discuss, please feel free to contact me by phone at (555)666-555, or by email at stanley.cooper@email.com.


Thank you for your consideration.


Yours Sincerely


Standley Cooper

Strategic Planner Manager

ABC Company

So, that is all our short guide for writing a graphic designer recommendation letter. We hope it can help you get some ideas in writing it.



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