Customer Service Appreciation Letter And How This Could Level Up Someone’s Life

Generally, people have a lot to say when they are unsatisfied with someone’s assistant in the customer service center. Many times the customer services have worked very hard to provide assistance and help for the customer. Just in case one of you got a very nice treatment from one of them, it is very nice to return the favor by writing the customer service appreciation letter.

Where Do I Put The Customer Service Appreciation Letter?

In the rapid growth of a digital era, customer service appreciation can do by giving a review for their service. Typically companies provide some form to help customers write their view about their service and the customer care performance. It can be rating in the form of stars, numbers, or opinions that must be written in the review column.

However, in some special cases, writing a letter and then deliver it to their file will create a significant difference. Besides the rate on the companies’ system, the customer service appreciation letter is also a factor for them to get promoted. You can simply put it in their file in their office. Let’s say it is an official review from a satisfied customer that can be used as a tool to get promoted, even though it is not the main factor. But it is still counted.

How to Write A Nice Appreciation Letter To A Customer Service

Writing a customer service appreciation letter is not as difficult as another business letter. You can write it in a friendly tone but stay professional. The main point is expressing your gratitude for getting help from the individual so it encourages you to write this letter.


The Example Of A Customer Service Appreciation Letter

Dear Mr. Brooklyn,

I am very pleased with the help of your customer care representative last Friday. I was desperate in searching for a laptop service center in the last minute of working hours and request them to finish it on the spot. When no one was available at that hour, I met Mr. Patrick who was is preparing to end his shift.

Luckily, he was willing to help me re-install my laptop directly and gave me some solution on how to handle such a situation so I won’t face the same thing in the future.

I am very glad, and I would like to express my appreciation through this letter because Mr. Patrick saved me from the disaster as that Friday was my big day in my career. Without his help, I couldn’t imagine how I would end up.

I believe that this is your business’ mission to help customers from the heart and I expect you will continue this culture. I believe more people will see you as one of the most excellent businesses in this industry.


With Many Thanks


Pamela Henderson

It just takes some minutes to write a customer service appreciation letter. We hope you want to spend some of your minutes thanks to them for giving you the best help.



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