Appeal Letter for Unemployment Disqualification and Its Sample

When you write an appeal letter for unemployment disqualification, you will have to read the information that the state unemployment office sends you & precisely follow the appeal instructions. After you complete the required paperwork, you should write a summary of your situation.


What to Include in an Appeal Letter for employment Disqualification?

This kind of letter should contain a few elements mentioned below:

How do you get disqualified for Unemployment?

There are a few things that can disqualify you from unemployment in most countries:

  • Work-related misconduct
  • Misconduct outside work
  • Turning down an appropriate job
  • Failing a drug test
  • Not looking for work
  • Being able to work
  • Receiving severance pay
  • Getting assignments of freelance

How to Make an Appeal Letter for Unemployment

After making a salutation, you should do the following steps:

  • State the decision of your appeal clearly.
  • Include the date of your decision.
  • Make the body of the letter in 1 or 2 paragraphs.
  • Create a closing or concluding paragraph in brief.
  • Put your signature and name.

Tips to Mae an Appeal Letter for Unemployment

There are some important tips to consider when writing such a letter:

  • First, you have to know the elements first.
  • Besides, you should decide the model of the letter.
  • Then, you need to make an opening statement showing the purpose of this letter.
  • In addition, you must be factual. So, you cannot dramatize the situation.
  • Moreover, this letter should be specific, too.
  • Furthermore, you have to include documentation.
  • Next, stick to the point.
  • One more, never manipulates the reader.

Appeal Letter for Unemployment Disqualification Sample

If you need a sample, let’s see it below:

Dear Mr. Franky,

I’m appealing the decision to disqualify me from receiving unemployment benefits from your company. I received my disqualification notice on December 15th, 2020. I attach it to this letter. Respectfully, I protest this.

I’ve been dismissed from my current position & denied unemployment benefits because my employer reported that I came very late to the office on December 12th, 2020. She states that my tardiness makes my team very busy and cost the company much money. The fact is that I arrived early. However, I saw that some supplies & equipment weren’t there. So, I left and went to the company warehouse to retrieve the missing items.

I’ve explain to my supervisor but she didn’t hear me. Then, I received an unemployment disqualification a few days later. Through this letter, I ask an opportunity to explain the truth to you. Thank you very much for your consideration.


Jacky Cooper

That is all about an appeal letter for unemployment disqualification should be well-formatted. If this is the first time you face a similar situation, it is your time to write such a letter on your own properly.


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