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Rack Card Template: Tips on How to Design Rack Cards

Talking about marketing, there are many possible ways to do it and achieve the targets. One way to do it is by creating a rack card. Rack cards are used by many marketers for its versatility and with the help of a rack card template anybody can use them as part of their marketing strategies.

What is a rack card?

If you are new in the marketing field, a rack card may sound unfamiliar to you. Rack cards are flyers printed in small sizes (thin and tall). The size is usually the same as tri-fold leaflets when folded. Rack cards are normally full color and printed on heavy cardstock.

The size of rack cards makes them fit into promotional display racks. This also makes it easier to be seen and grabbed by potential customers. Rack cards must design specifically to grab people’s attention even when they are walking by. For the rack cards to be able to do this, the use of colors, attractive images, and persuasive text is often chosen by the designers.

If you are interested in using rack cards as one of your promotional tools, you need to keep those principles in mind. But if designing is too hard for you or you simply have no time to do it, you can go for a rack card template to facilitate your work.

Tips on Designing Rack Card

Before you search for the rack card template, these tips are worth paying attention to make the best rack card for your business.

  1. Eye-catching front

The front part will be the part that people see first. To attract people to stop by and read the rack card, this part needs to grab their attention first. As mentioned before, the use of persuasive text and attractive images can support this idea.

  1. Utilize every space

Because the size is small, to include all information on this promotional piece, you need to make use of both sides of the paper. The front part should grab the attention, the back part is for all essential information.

  1. Smaller informational text

Again, the smaller paper provides a smaller space to include the informational text even in the back part. To fit more texts, make the fonts smaller but still readable.

  1. Call-to action

This part can never be missed, call-to-action will open the way of selling whatever you are offering. Including a phone number, website address, or customer service chat are some ways to do it.

Rack cards are used by any type of business as their marketing strategy, but you can’t just make one without any consideration. Apply those tips and download your rack card template to boost your sales faster.

rack card Design Ideas

rack card Ideas


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