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Take a Peek at Tips On Designing An Instagram Story Template to Make It Look More Up-To-Date!


Starting in 2009, Instagram was a success as the most popular social media platform to date. Who really doesn’t know it, both a child playing in a playground until a businessman knows, understands, and uses that platform. Instagram is known as the “storehouse” of photos and videos uploaded by its users, shared with its followers, and becomes an inspiration and a new idea for viewers. Not infrequently, many people use it to advance their business, and yes, using Instagram! They shared a variety of products marketed, sales also increased! Instagram Story feature is now a mainstay feature for loyal users. If you want to create these features, see our tips on designing our Instagram Story Template to make it more elegant!

5 Best Tips for Designing Instagram Story Template to Get Lots of Glances!

Instagram story is a feature that users often use to share their moments while on vacation, record daily activity, share the latest news, and promote the business that is run. Moreover, a variety of color filters and stunning visual effects make Instagram stories a mainstay for its users.

Your Instagram story still looks “normal”? Use now our Instagram story template and make the story that you share more elegant, we give short tips on how to “polish it” to make it even better!

  1. Prepare high-resolution media

Before starting to further design the Instagram story template, prepare the media, photos or videos, with high resolution. Using low-resolution media will cause a “blur and crack” effect on your Instagram story display. You can adjust the camera settings on your smartphone, change the resolution to high definition settings. Don’t forget the resolution, the light, and color temperature settings. Adjust to your preferences!

  1. Insert on Layout

If you have prepared all the media, insert the photos or videos that you have recorded into the template and do not forget to adjust the layout size. You can choose a variety of models that fit with your liking. Adjust the color tone of the image with the dominant color template that will be used.

  1. Add illustrations

In order not to be monotonous, add various pictures and attractive icons to decorate your Instagram story’s appearance later. Don’t hesitate to give cute stickers to add excitement to the moments you record or add a large discount sticker if you are promoting a business.

  1. Give some pretty words

If adding illustrations is considered too excessive, you can also replace it with a series of beautiful words in your Instagram story template. Customize the language style with the media that you will upload, tell about the moments that have passed with the everyday language style, and provide an interactive language style if you are selling a product.

  1. Share it!

Do a final check! If it’s already what you want, just upload it! Ask colleagues whether your Instagram story is impressive or not.

Instagram story Design Ideas

You can start to imagine what you want share on your Instagram story template? Start to be creative and show up to your followers!







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