A Guide to Write Interest in Job Letter

At times, you are eyeing the position in a particular company even though you are working in different place or you are unemployed. If this happens, you may take the initiative to let the employer ‘finds’ you by sending an interest in job letter. By doing this, you express your interest in filling in the position and getting called for the interview by the employer. So, do not waste your time and start writing an interest in job letter for the getting love calls from the company.

The Difference between Interest in Job Letter and Cover Letter

While the meaning might be similar, both terms are actually different. When you are expressing the statement of interest towards a company, you are not applying for a specific job listed. There is an hiring but it is usually not advertised by the company. Thus, in writing the interest in job letter you have to disclose your best qualifications so that you have higher chance to be accepted in the company. In some cases, the company does not even open the job opening.Cover letter, on the other hand, is sent because you are aiming for a specific job in a specific company. You know exactly what you are applying so you display the qualifications needed for the certain position.

How to Write the Interest in Job Letter

Before submitting the interest letter, the first thing you need to do is to find the information as to whom you are sending the letter. Also, do some research about the company will help you more in composing the interest letter. Start the letter by showing your interest to join the company and add up some qualifications and experiences that can help you in getting to the interview stage. You can mention some of your positive personalities that may benefit you. Close the letter with enclosing the resume and personal contact and never forget to show your appreciation.

Sample of Statement of Interest

Below is a sample letter sent by a freshgraduate who earned her Master to a private university. The letter demonstrates the formal tone and is free from grammatical mistake and mispelling.

Dear Mr. Johannson,

I am writing this letter to convey my interest regarding the teacher position in your institution. I have been teaching for several years before finishing my Master Degree majoring in Physics, and I have experiences in teaching many students’ level which can help me to utilize my competence and maximize the students’ potential.

My educational excellence and experience have led me to achieve the Best Graduate among all students from the university. During my study, I have joined several national and international competition and I was successfully be the  winner in some competitions. In my last two semesters, I was chosen to be the lecturer assistance to teach the undergraduate students. Additionally, I did a number of research with lecturers focusing in the Teaching of Physics and we published it to both national and international journals.

Along with this letter, I attach the application and resume. I can be contacted at 123-345-567 or through my email at maryazania@email.com. Thank you for the chance and I look forward to hear from you.



Maria Zania

Hopefully the interest in job letter above can help you in composing one. Good luck and start writing for a better future.


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