4+ College Student Resume Template


Tell Your Story through a College Student Resume Template Sample


This college student resume contains personal data in the form of education levels, work history, certification, etc. A college student resume will be attached to a job application letter and other supporting documents to be submitted to the recruitment department. Keep in mind that employers usually only spend less than a minute reading a college student’s resume before deciding to reject it. That is why a good college student resume template sample is important.

5 Base Principal of a College Student Resume Template Sample 

The following five fundamentals in this template must be understood, namely:

1. Concentrate on the important things

Remember that employers usually spend less than 1 minute reading a job application resume before deciding to reject it. When applying for advertised job vacancies, make sure you have complied with each application process.

2. Clear and concise

Use short sentences by concentrating on relevant aspects of training and work experience. Avoid cliches, give specific examples on achievement points

3. Adapt according to the proposed post

Highlight your strengths according to employer needs, Focus on skills that are suitable for the job.


4. Pay attention

Pay attention to the resume presentation by presenting skills and competencies clearly and logically. Provide the most relevant information, pay attention to spelling and punctuation.


5. Check the resume once more

After filling in all college student resume data, do not forget to check it again, correct spelling mistakes, ensure a clear and logical layout. If possible try to get other people to re-read your college student resume so that you are confident in content that is clear and easy to understand.


Furthermore, you can also enter graphs as a measure of your abilities and expertise. That way, your resume looks more attractive.


The company you are aiming for will quickly catch up and understand what level of ability you have. As many people say, images are easier to remember than writing. A good college student resume template sample can have many spots to include graphs.


Things to consider

Several things must be considered when making a college student resume to show your professionalism. Among them are as follows

  • A maximum of 3-4 sheets.
  • Write only important experiences, experiences that are not important should not be written.
  • Don’t beat around the bush in short, easy to understand writing.
  • Enter formal education, non-formal education, work experience, and organizational experience.
  • Make it as honest as possible that shows your integrity, do not fake it because it can have a negative impact.


There you have it! Using a good college student resume template sample, you can make your college student resume with ease!


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