Knowing the Duties and Qualifications Before Writing A Medical Doctor Cover Letter

What does a medical doctor do actually? A medical doctor works to take care and recover human health by conducting some legal medical procedures. As a medical doctor, you will be responsible for performing health examinations, diagnosing patients, and arrange treatment schedules. If you want to apply for this position, you have to write a medical doctor cover letter. But before that, make sure you already read the duties and qualifications of a medical doctor. Here is the explanation.


What are the duties of a medical doctor?

There are several duties which a medical doctor should do. What are they? Let’s check the following list.

  • Examine the patients
  • Conduct lab tests and explain the results
  • Conduct minor surgeries
  • Arrange treatment schedules
  • Socialize health education in society

What are the skills that I should have as a doctor?

After knowing the responsibilities of a medical doctor, you need to prepare some skills to support your tasks. To know more about the skills, you can see the information below.

  • Excellent listening: As a medical doctor, you should examine your patients. You also have to respond to their complaints about their diseases. Therefore, it is a must for you to possess excellent listening skills.
  • Superb in making a decision: After you acknowledge your patients’ complaints, you need to diagnose them. You also should decide whether they need to do surgery or not. In this case, superb decision-making skills are crucial.
  • Work under pressure: As a medical doctor, you have to serve patients every day. Sometimes, you are even called in the middle of the night due to emergency cases. So, you must be able to work under pressure.

What are the qualifications if I want to be a medical doctor?

To be a medical doctor, there are several things that you should prepare before submitting your medical doctor cover letter. Here we already write down it for you.

  • Possess a bachelor’s degree in medical programs
  • Completed a residency training
  • Took medical license examination
  • Have experienced work as a primary doctor

Medical Doctor Cover Letter Sample

If you still have no depiction of your first cover letter, you can read the following sample we provide for you.

Dear Mrs. Warren,

I am writing this letter to show my interest in the Medical Doctor position at the Shining Guardian Hospital.

I am presently performing my duties as a Medical Doctor for a little public health center in the Wiltshire village. However, I am planning to assign my abilities to work at Shining Guardian Hospital. I believe that my five years of work experience in treating patients would be beneficial for your facility.

I already completed my residency training and took a medical license examination. Listening to the patients’ complaints and diagnosing them are my routines. I also have been familiar with determining the unclear diagnosis.

As a Medical Doctor, I am used to working under pressure. I have many experiences in the emergency room such as taking care of critical patients. I always do my best when I cure injured patients. From these experiences, I can adapt to stressful conditions.

I have a big expectation to meet you in the near future to talk about this position. Please feel free to contact me at (333)-222-9999 or email me at Thank you in advance for the opportunity.


Warm regards,



Christoper Colin


To sum up, that is the important information to acknowledge in the medical doctor cover letter. Hopefully, it will give you an enlightenment.




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