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Esthetician Resume and how to land it easily 

Writing a great esthetician resume will be an important step for your job search journey because this resume will ensure you reference the job description. This resume also will highlight any skills, awards, and certifications that match the requirements as well.

A proper resume usually will introduce your capabilities and qualities clearly. The esthetician resume idea also can include a headline or summary statement that communicates clearly your goals and qualification. Therefore, you need to make this resume properly.

The example of an esthetician resume

The following example resume will help you to make the proper resume. This sample will highlight your best experience and qualifications so that you need to pay attention to the sample as well.

Janet Noam

Personal info

Phone: (777)-226-0013

Email: noamjanet51@gmail.com


A client-focused esthetician with an eye for detail and 5+ years of experience delivering expert skincare and hair removal treatments. Drives sales with targeted product recommendations. Received highest client ratings and garnered most in tips among my collages in both workplaces listed.



Ohayo Beauty Spa, New York City, August 2018 – present

  • Performs facials on clients average of 5 daily
  • Examine and analyze client’s skin to evaluate skin condition and provide care recommendation
  • Understanding in over 17 product lines such as Obagi, Clinique, Estee Lauder, and Dermalogica
  • Most needed esthetician at this location according to customer satisfaction surveys


Retail Ocean, New York City, September 2016 – June 2018

  • Performed microdermabrasion facials and recommended proper skincare product to improve sales
  • Help with hair removal through waxing treatment such as eyebrow, bikini, Brazilian, and ensuring client comfort throughout the process
  • Keep strong customer relationship by offering customized treatment plans such as facials based on skin type
  • Make sure relaxed environment with hand, foot, or facial massage during treatment


Associate of Applied Science in Cosmetology

Green Valley State University


  • Notary Public
  • CPR
  • First Aid

Key skills 

  • Customer service orientation
  • Skincare product knowledge
  • Cosmetics consulting
  • Facials
  • Retail sales and data entry
  • typing and Microsoft office


  • Spanish
  • English

How to create an esthetician resume

Your esthetician resume format will be great if you understand some tips during arranging the resume. The tips are simple but they will influence your resume very well. Gaining this purpose, you can follow some tips below that will make your resume impressive.

  • Introduce yourself the right way because the hiring manager usually will see your resume’s introduction so that you need to make it as compelling as possible to maximize your chance to get an interview
  • Showcase your certification to diagnose skincare complaints and provide a skincare solution
  • Address the hiring manager’s need to convince the hiring manager that you can address their needs
  • You also need to use a concrete number to integrate into the resume introduction

What should I put on my esthetician resume?

Besides, you also need to know some ideas to put on your esthetician resume design. This idea is important because it will make your resume getting impressive so that you need to put some important ideas to ensure the recipient very well.

1) Be positive because a negative resume can be off-putting to a reader so that you need to keep things positive and lighthearted yet still professional

2) Personal tidbit should be on your resume because it will make your resume getting different

3) Pay attention to your length resume because a good rule of thumb is to have a couple of different esthetician resume

4) Remember to share your work because it will make your resume getting impressive

How do I write my esthetician resume bio?

Furthermore, your resume also will be great if you understand the way to arrange this resume. Your resume bio will influence your resume if you can arrange it properly. Here are some ideas to apply to it.

1) Be clear about who you are and use your bio opening to include some quick, effective facts that will help you stand out from the crowd

2) Focus on your specialty as the key to promote what you are good at!

3) Share your passion and list credential and education

4) Remember to include your achievement and let strangers reading your resume well

Kinds of an esthetician resume

Moreover, you also will find some types of this resume. This idea will be useful because it will help you to make a proper resume suitable for the job position you need. Here are some types of the resume to follow:

Entry-level esthetician resume

The type of this resume is simple but it will outline for an entry-level position. This resume is impressive because it will guide you to take care and listing down. The resume also shows a detail of your relevant skills and experience for the job requirement.

Example esthetician resume

The sample resume will guide you through a simple guideline so that you can use this resume in your application. The specific idea in this resume will outline present various subheadings on which you can use to create your own resume. You can take these sample lines and build your own entries around them.

Medical esthetician resume

This resume is properly for you who want to be a medical esthetician. This resume takes on a more detailed approach to the resume. This resume also needs more relevant experience and competencies. The resume also will help you to outline your information in a neat and professional manner.

Licensed esthetician resume

The type of resume is a simple template that can be used for a job application for a licensed esthetician. The resume is brief and clear that can use short lines to present your different educational background and competencies.

Experience esthetician resume

Since it is an experienced resume, this resume is a completed resume template. The resume includes creative entries on which you can base your own application. You also can take the lines and insert your personal information on them when adding your own style to the template.

With those ideas, you can arrange this esthetician resume without any difficulties. You have to pay attention to the detail to ensure the people about your qualities.

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