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Place Card Template


Use a place card template to organize dinner events, organize essential functions, and hold receptions to be held. Giving the card will make the guests feel more special because the game is considered more organized and runs smoothly.

Make a card that has a simple but useful design, so you need to design it beautifully and attractively, also use a touch of exciting variations to make guests feel more special. As the host, you want the best design for the event you are going to hold.

You can use Canva’s free template design to get the best options for beautiful results but ready to use with templates that have been designed with a professional touch with easy customization.


How to Make a Simple and Easy Place Card Template

Want to make a simple and easy place card template? You can make it easily through the method below.


  1. Use the Canva template or create your own

The first step in making a place card template is to use the default template from Canva or create your own. You can design the model with a variety of designs and layout of place cards that suit interesting themes and motifs.

Well, you can start designing it by choosing the layout that best suits your taste. Use various editing tools by changing the unique design.


If you use Canva, then start designing from a blank, editable page starting from adding a background with an attractive look and feel.


  1. Choose a Theme That Appropriate with the Event

Next, you must choose a theme that matches the event you are going to hold. You can select a design that matches a bright color variant to make the card design more attractive to guests.

You can choose the easiest and fastest way to add a background by selecting an image from an abstract pattern with a beautiful display texture. Use specific illustrations or photos to make the card design more attractive.


  1. Create typography

Create beautiful typography for your place card design; please write down the guest name clearly so that your card design is more conveyed to guests. Well, one good typography must choose a suitable font.

However, the most important thing to know is to use fonts that are easy and clear to read so that they can be read from a distance by others.


The main factor for the right place card is the first font, large size, and a unique choice of a varied font. Make sure you also choose a font color to look at that is good.


  1. Print a Place Card with the Right Resolution

Furthermore, you are also advised to print place cards with the right resolution so that the results are amazing. Make sure you save it in the best decision.

It is advisable first to download the design template that you created and then select to save it in a PDF file and then print it with professional quality.

Place Card Ideas

Place Card Example

Those are tips for making easy place card templates with attractive and excellent designs used in various events.



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