A Quick Guide to Write Independent Contractor Resignation Letter

Being an independent contractor could be very challenging. The fact that you have to do your work and manage the resources underlying your work is something that makes the independent contractor is special. However, for some cases, we do have an understanding gap between the employer and you as the contractor. It is acceptable that you want to leave the current job and hand in the independent contractor resignation letter.

So, to make your resignation letter is perfect and professionally perceived, you have to include several matters inside the letter. Below are what to consider in writing your resignation letter as an independent contractor.


Things to Consider in Writing Your Independent Contractor Resignation Letter

Put Your Reason to Leave the Job

The first thing to be in place within your resignation letter is the reason. Express why do you leave the current job. Mention the reason in well-mannered writings, so that no one feels offended. It is important, whether, in your understandings, the customer is not always right, to position yourself as the humblest person as you can.

State Your Last Effective Day

Always mention when will your expected last day of work. Pick 14 days before your last day to hand the resignation letter directly to the employer. Always remember that you have to indicate the day, date, month, and year that will be your last day of work.

Recommend the Replacement

Apparently, it is optional to provide or recommend the replacement of your position in the independent contractor resignation letter. However, it is recommended to be done if you want to mark a positive footprint for your reputation and personality.

Make Sure Everything Set-up for the Transition

Finally, state briefly in your independent contractor resignation letter that everything is already set for the smooth transition. It makes the employer believes that you have already done something professional. Besides, it reflects that you are not leaving your job in a complete mess and expresses that you are a well-behaved person.

Study the following sample to enrich your understanding of writing a resignation letter as an independent contractor.


Dear Mr. Smith

I regret to inform you that I have to resign from the addition of the mezzanine floor project in your house. The original offerings and budgeting that I handed to you for the addition of the project were according to the specification at that time agreement. I cannot merge with the changes of concept that you provide to me in the middle of the project. Since the concept which you bring recently is over my budget offering.

The remaining supplies and materials can stay in the backyard storage because you have paid for them. You certainly will need to obtain a new contractor to take over the project and provide you with the best offering that they can hand to you. You may consider the recommendation which you may found attached with this letter. It is up to you whether to agree to pick my recommendation or not.

Therefore, please accept my resignation from the addition of the mezzanine floor project. I wish for the best in your continued effort for this project.




Darmian Taarabt


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