Knowing Tips and Sample of Business Thank You Letter

Writing a thank-you note might sound like a simple thing that almost everyone can do it. However, it is a small thing that many people often ignore as it is not urgent. Actually, if you can see the opportunity, a business thank you letter is the first door to build a great business relationship. Writing a simple thank you note will not only show that you appreciate your business relations, but it is also a step to get acknowledged by them. Oftentimes, this simple note will take you into another opportunity, such as meetings and cooperations. To know more about the tips to write a thank you letter, you can read the following details.


Why should I write a business thank you note?

There are some reasons why you need to send a business thank you note. First, this thank you note will make people related to your business, especially your employees, feel appreciated. It makes them happy although it is a simple thing. It does not rule out the possibility that they will be loyal to your company. A thank you note also makes some customers feel treated properly. This little thing will be long last in their memory as perhaps they have taken a long trip only to buy your products in certain areas. They will always remember your service and do not hesitate to repurchase. The last reason why you need to write a business thank you letter is that you can attract new business relations. Business people who receive this will likely to arrange a lunch meeting or discussion with your company.

What are the terms that I can use in saying thank you?

Actually, there are many terms or phrases that you can write in your thank you letter. However, as it is for business purpose, you have to make sure that you use formal and polite terms, such as:

·         I am so thankful for your assistance in creating some commercial videos.

·         I sincerely appreciate the information and time you have shared with us.

·         Thank you for inviting us to join your grand opening last Saturday.

·         Many thanks for sparing your time to discuss with us.

·         Thanks very much for recommending a commercial talent for our company. It is so helpful.

·         I appreciate very much your time to talk to me about the job search.

How should a business thank you note to be written?

As it is a business purpose, you need to follow some guidelines so you will write a proper business thank you letter. First, you need to start with a greeting. After that, state your gratitude and its reasons. You can also include specific examples of why you need to send this gratitude note. Then, complete it with some details of your company briefly. Do not forget to close with the necessary information, including your personal phone numbers or email. The last, end with polite closing statements.

Business Thank You Letter Template

Maybe you still have no idea to start this letter as it is still a rare thing to do in your company. Do not worry then, we have an example that you can take as an inspiration.

Dear Ms. Hailey,

I am so thankful for your assistance in creating some commercial videos for our company, Mistletoe Palace, last December 14, 2020. We are so impressed with your incredible works that have brought 10.5 million viewers and a lot of positive reviews.

Mistletoe Palace also appreciates the gifts that you have donated for the children’s door prizes at the Christmas eve ceremony. We are so proud of your generous donations and sincerely appreciate the way you bring joy and waves of laughter to the children. The Christmas donation event is one of our annual programs and you kindly chose to participate with us.

My manager will be reaching you to look at your schedule and discover whether you are eager to join another of our social programs in the future. I hope that we can always keep in touch, so please feel free to call me any time you need me at (777)-999-3333 or by email at


Warm regards,



Justin Windsor

CEO of Mistletoe Palace


That is all brief information about writing a business thank you letter. You can have the sample above as a guide to writing the letter.






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