Some Tips to Write A Confirmation Letter and Its Sample

As an employer, it is a must for you to write a letter of confirmation to your employees. Why is it so? It is because the employees need certainty about their positions in the company after they have finished their probation period. You can decide whether they can continue working in your company based on their performances during the probation period. To know more about the confirmation letter, you can have a look at the following explanation.


Why do I need to write a letter of confirmation?

Letter of confirmation is aimed to confirm employment after the probation period. In the other words, this letter also functions as an acknowledgment of the employee. You can include the date of employment, salary, and job title as well. By receiving this letter, an employee knows he or she is officially accepted working in your company.

What are some tips to write the letter?

There are several tips you can apply when you want to write a confirmation letter. First, you have to be straight-forward about the confirmation. Do not include unnecessary details in the letter. Then, your sentences also need to be clear enough. Explain that the selected employee is accepted as a worker in your workplace. So, he or she will not question your statement or be confused about their status.

How should I write a letter of confirmation?

Actually, writing this letter is not complicated. It only needs to be formal and uses appropriate language. You can start with a congratulation statement, followed by a verification that the employee is officially hired in your company. After that, mention the job title that he or she gets. Do not forget to be specific by adding the date of employment and how much he or she will be paid per month. Then, remember that the employee also needs to sign the confirmation letter and return it. It means that he or she accepts the terms and conditions.

Confirmation Letter Sample

If you are still confused about how to write the letter of confirmation, then you need to read the following example we have provided for you.

Dear, Dora

Congratulations! It is a pleasure to announce that you have completed your probation period. According to your performance during these three months, we have decided that you are considered to be our permanent employee. Your position is a Junior Journalist at Spring Breeze Media. The effective day will be started on February 14, 2021.

During the probation period, we have seen your performance in the Creative team. You contributed significantly which led to the traffics of our websites arises. You also did everything in detail and made our tasks finished quickly. For these reasons, we think that you worth this position.

We believe that your contribution matters to the Creative team. You will receive $7,200 per month for the Junior Journalist position. We look forward to your ideas and inventions for Spring Breeze Media in the future. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact me at (555)-666-3333 or by email at if you have questions about this employment and other benefits package. Also, please sign this letter of confirmation and return it to my office as your acceptance.  Once again, congratulations!


Warm regards,



Diego Vincent

Human Resources Director of Spring Breeze Media


January 23, 2021

I, Dora Guterrez, accept the terms and conditions and agree to take the position as a Junior Journalist in Spring Breeze Media to start from February 14, 2021.



Dora Guterrez


From the example above, you can see that writing a confirmation letter is not complicated. You only need to follow the tips to write a formal and professional business letter.





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