Knowing Strategies to Compose A Business Consultant Recommendation Letter

What do you know about a business consultant? Actually, a business consultant works to assist a company or an organization to enhance achievement. A business consultant is a professional or an expert who will elaborate on business and solve problems, so the company can reach its goals. Almost all successful companies have hired a business consultant, even your company. Therefore, some business newbies like to ask for a recommendation of a business consultant to help their companies. If you receive this request, you need to write a business consultant recommendation letter for them. However, there are some strategies that you have to understand when you write the letter.


What are the characteristics of a good business consultant?

When you receive a request to recommend any business consultant, you are probably hesitant to mention one name because you are not sure about your choice. Moreover, the request comes from your relatives or best friends. But, don’t worry. There are some characteristics of a good business consultant that you should know, such as flexiblity, discipline, confidence, dauntlessness, diligence, sociable, and problem solver.

Why does a company need a business consultant?

A business consultant is an expert in his or her field. This is why it is crucial for a company to hire a business consultant. By hiring a business consultant, a company will get some values which are beneficial, such as his or her deeper knowledge, technological skills, and prestige.Besides, it will also save many costs. You only need to pay the business consultant when you need his or her service. Not only money, but a business consultant will also save time as he already knew what to do and quickly recognizes the problems in your company.

How should I write a business consultant recommendation letter?

Composing a professional business letter should use formal and appropriate language. Moreover, you will write a business consultant recommendation letter. Thus, you can start with the date when you write the letter. After that, you need to mention the purposes of why you write the recommendation letter. Then, mention one name of a business consultant that you recommend. Do not forget to include his or her detailed information and your personal experience.

Business Consultant Recommendation Letter Sample

Perhaps you still have no idea to start writing the letter. Here we have a sample of a recommendation letter that you can see as follows.

October 17, 2020

Dear Mr. Jacob,

It is an honor that you ask me to recommend a great business consultant for your company. Therefore, I recommend Robert Dawson to be your next business consultant. Robert just finished his job at our company, Eclipse Inc. and what he did was impressive. He identified our selling issues quickly and found some effective ways to resolve them. He was also an expert in this field who worked professionally and respectfully.

Robert’s advice has led our company to get incredible sales with 57 percent of revenue only in a year. For these reasons, I believe that hiring Robert as your company’s business consultant will bring a lot of lucks in the near future. He will be loyal to his clients and full of dedication. Robert never hesitated to take overtime if needed. Without his advice, our company will not grow this quickly.

I am sure that the other Robert’s clients will definitely agree with my opinion towards him. Then, please do not hesitate to reach me anytime for discussions at (333)-999-444 or email me at Have a nice day.





Bella Fox

CEO of Eclipse Inc.


That is our explanation about a business consultant recommendation letter. You can take it as an inspiration in writing.




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