Things to Notice in Writing A Job Promotion Letter

As the owner of a company, there will come a time when you need to promote your employees to a higher level. It means that your employee has to move from one job position to the other job position and receive a higher salary. Since it is important, the process should be in a formal way. You need to write an official job promotion letter to inform your employees about their new roles and job titles in the company. To know more about things to write in the letter, read the following explanations.


What are the functions of a job promotion?

A job promotion is an important thing to do for some particular reasons. First, receiving a job promotion can motivate the employees in working. Their ambitions to do the job will improve. It also boosts their spirits to achieve the company’s goals. Besides, job promotion is a form to appreciate the employees’ loyalty, skills, and experiences. They will get paid higher than they receive before. Last, job promotion is effective to save time and money for your company. By promoting the best employees, you are spared from hiring new members which you should train them from the beginning with much costs.

What are the criteria to promote an employee?

There are some criteria that you should know before promoting your employees. The first criteria is to check whether your employees have asked for a promotion or not. Asking for a promotion means that they are eager to take on new challenges. Thus, you can consider them. The next criteria is the candidates should surpass their current responsibilities. It is important as if they get promoted to a higher level, there will be more responsibilities as well. Do not forget to observe whether they can find solutions and manage themselves well. If they have these criteria, you can consider to promote them as they are talented to be the next leaders. Therefore, you need to send them ajob promotion letter immediately.

How should a job promotion letter look like?

Writing a letter of job promotion is quite simple. You need to use formal and appropriate language as it is a business. You can start with a statement that you promote the employees from their current position to another position. Do not forget to congratulate them. Also, include the effective date they can start the new position. Then, explain why they are worth a promotion by showing their achievements briefly. At the end of the letter, you can mention the exact numbers of how much they will receive a salary for the new position. Remember to direct them to the staff who is responsible for handling the job promotion.

Job Promotion Letter Template

If you still have no idea to start writing the job promotion letter, you need to look at the following template we have provided for you. Check this out.

Dear Tom,

Congratulations! We are delighted to inform you that you are selected to be promoted to the position of Senior Accountant of Genshin Company. Your promotion will be effective starting from February 1, 2021.

Over the last few months, I have seen your progress in the Marketing Department which always impressive. Your contribution to the department has led the sales of our company arises. You also work quickly, carefully, and satisfactory. It shows that you dedicate much yourself to Genshin Company. You are so self-motivated and thoughtful which makes you an ideal worker to achieve this position.

I believe that you will be perfectly fit for the Senior Accountant position with all the responsibilities. Your annual salary will be $53,000 per month for this position. If you have some questions related to this promotion, compensation, or other benefits package, you can always reach me on my phone at (666)-999-7777 or by email at I look forward to discussing this promotion with you directly.


Warm regards,



Summer Deschanel

Human Resources Director of Genshin Company


All in all, that is the explanation about a job promotion letter which you may apply in your company. You can always use our template above.



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