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Sales Resume Template to Join New Company

Writing a resume for a sales candidate is very essential. A resume will be the first checked document by the recruiter to know the whole personality of the candidate. That is why knowing about the sales resume template is quite essential.

By writing a professional resume, of course, you –as a candidate, could show the whole personal information, including the skills, experience, and education. Of course, a clear resume also will show your level of professionalism.

Here, we will talk about some matters inside a resume that you need to know. By knowing the detailed resume, we are sure that writing a resume will be easier to be done.

Sample of Sales Resume

Here, we have a simple sample of the sales representative resume to follow. This sample could be a good reference to know what to be written inside the whole resume in joining the recruitment process.

Ivy Johansson

New York, NY | (123) 177-1001 | Ivy.johansson@email.com

Professional Summary

A result-driven and accomplished sales representative with more than 3 years of experience adopting the proven and excellent method to handle and keep the client relationships, reach target goals, and generate leads.


The State of New York University

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing

January 2010 – December 2014

Work Experience

Tech of River, Sales Representative

July 2019 – current

  • Prepared customized client quotes and presentations
  • Develop and keep the relationship with the existing customer base
  • Building rapport as a trusted representative
  • Recognized as a high performer sales by consistently completing the whole daily outbound calls
  • Improved the email template to increase the services for the customers

Clear Water Inc, Junior Sales Representative

August 2015 – July 2019

  • Enthusiastically joined the events of sales training and conferences to develop the new skills and gain the whole product knowledge
  • Employed market research to reach the targets
  • Prepared the different and customized quotes and answered based on the calls of the customers


  • Cold calling
  • Email prospecting
  • Salesforce
  • Good communication skills
  • High dedication
  • Attention to details

How to Make Sales Resume

As we have said before, a resume is an important document to be prepared before facing the recruitment process. To make a good resume, there are some steps that you need to do.

The steps to be done in writing a professional resume to face a recruitment process are:

What are common essential skills that sales need to have?

To be a professional sales, a candidate needs to have some essential skills, especially to run the responsibility maximally. Some common but essential skills of sales to be had are:

  • High knowledge of products
  • Client retention and acquisition
  • Goal setting
  • Closing sales
  • Verbal and written communication skill
  • Self-motivation skills
  • Organization skill
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail

What are the mistakes to avoid in writing a professional sales resume?

A professional sales resume should be written without kinds of mistakes. The common mistakes happened that should be avoided are:

  • Lack of specific information
  • Grammatical error and typos
  • Bad summary
  • No action verb
  • Leaving the important information
  • Write a too-long resume
  • Inconsistent in using words

How long a resume should be written?

A good resume does not need to be written too long. A common and recommended length of a professional resume is just 2 or 3 pages. The whole page will be excellent and fit to tell about your personality, including the skills, experiences, and others.

Of course, you are not allowed to write a too-long resume. You do not need to tell your story or other additional information since it just decreases your professionalism.

Kinds of Sales Resume Template

If you want to write a professional sales resume easily, using a template is the right answer for you. Yes, by using a template, of course, writing a resume will be easier since you just need to follow the fit arrangement of information there.

We have several samples of the professional template of a sales resume here. Just scroll and find the fit template to your needs.

Sales Manager Resume Template

When you want to apply for a chance to be a sales manager, especially in a big-name company, of course, you need to be proper with your resume. This template can be a reference to the standard of professionalism about the resume to be made.


Software Sales Resume Template

Do you want to be a new software sales? Well, this resume template is an ideal sample for those who want to apply for a new position as a software sales in an IT company. This template shows what information that should be added to make a professional resume easily.

Sales Specialist Resume Template

This template can be said as a good standard to write a professional sales resume. As we know, a sales specialist is an important figure inside a company. Their work will influence the whole running of the company. That is why the management needs a high-dedicated candidate.

No Experience Sales Resume Template

When you have no experience and want to start your career as a sales, here this template can be a good reference to find a new job. It is a simple but interesting template to follow. It shows a clear arrangement to highlight your capability, so the recruiter will compare you.

Experienced Sales Resume Template

If you have kinds of experience in selling and want to continue your career in a better position, highlighting your experience is very essential. This template can be a medium to help you. By using this simple sales resume template, highlighting your experience will be easier to be done.

Well, that is all about the sales resume template that you need to know. Since a resume is very essential, please make this document seriously. Then, do not forget to proofread the whole document before printing it to maintain any mistakes that may happen.


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