Sales Support Cover Letter Example, Responsibilities And Requirements

Sales support is one of the most crucial parts of the company. They help the sales representatives focus on the closing and sales. In the company, the sales support has specific tasks depending on the industry and teams. Furthermore, the sales support can be hired through outsourcing, associates, and others. If you are planning to apply for this position, make sure to write a great sales support cover letter.

The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Sales Support

Before writing a sales support cover letter, it is wise to understand its responsibilities and duties. Even though companies might have different functions, generally the position brings the following responsibilities:

  • Handling various meeting schedules, inquires, follow up and appointments with customers.
  • Managing daily tasks such as a list of sales leads, helping distributing tasks to the sales departments, providing data as well as guiding the sales team.
  • Developing as well as monitoring the performance of the staff, compiling reports, and also managing the sales tracking tools.
  • Helping recording the trends and gathering the data as well as liaising in developing strategies.
  • Helping processing order, processing the rush order as well as reviewing the pending orders.
  • Helping to manage the account of the customers, doing follow-up, providing assistance, and many more.
  • Performing data entry for metrics and sales figures as well as maintaining the system is well-organized and accessible.
  • Handling clerical tasks. Scheduling the meetings and conferences.
  • Making reports about unusual activities to the supervisors.

What Are The Requirements To Be A Sales Support?

Becoming a sales support requires you to have at least a high school diploma or associate’s degree in marketing and business. Or, at least the major you took is related to the position. You need to have excellent management, analytical and organizational skills. The ability to multitask is a must when you want to work in this position. Furthermore, it is important too to have typing, IT, and literacy skills.

The Example Of Sales Support Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Cooper,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in the Sales Support position in the ABC Company. I am very excited to be a part of your company and strive together to reach the goal. I am confident that my educational background, skills, and experiences will be good assets for your company.

I have graduated from NYX University with a marketing and economics major. I have a 5-year experience working as a sales representative.

My experiences include doing clerical duties, answering phones, setting up a meeting, handling customer inquiries, as well as handling complain professionally. Interacting with clients was my daily routine so I am sure I can learn faster when handling this position in the company.

I am excellent at Microsoft Office software from Excel, MS Word, and PowerPoint. Furthermore, I possess strong communication skills both verbally and written. Multitasking is the strongest strength I can offer to you. I manage the various task at the same time in the recent company and I can meet the deadlines well.

My reason why I am applying for this position in this company is that my fiance and I will move to this city, California. Therefore, I am trying to continue my career and also I see your company’s reputation which offers a good working environment.

I will be very glad if you spend some time to take a look at my resume. I will appreciate it if we can set a schedule for an interview. You can reach me by phone at (666)666-666 or by email at Thank you for your consideration.



Yours Sincerely



Edna Brown

Enclosure: Resume



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