A Useful Guidance in Writing an Accountant Assistant Cover Letter

An accountant is always one of the most crucial jobs needed for the business. They are keeping tabs on the business finances to make sure that it goes in the right direction and gives profit to the organization. This is why the accounting department can be one of the busiest departments in the company as there are many things to handle. If you are interested to be an accountant, you may start by being an accountant assistant and read the information below to prepare yourself. In the end, you will read the sample of an accountant assistant cover letter as your reference.

What are the Duties of Accountant Assistants?

The duties of accountant assistants may vary for each person but the general idea is to support the accounting department by handling administrative and accounting tasks. They deal with entering the data, processing the mail, taking care of the transactions, and preparing the financial reports. Accountant assistants do not only deal with the data but they deal with the clients too by communicating via email, phone, or meeting them in person. Monitoring the organization’s financial records, company budgets, and profit and loss are the every-day tasks that have been assigned to accountant assistants.

Requirements of Accountant Assistants

It is preferable to earn a Bachelor’s degree in a related field like the Accounting department when you are applying for this job.It is expected that you will have the a basic knowledge of accounting and financial principles. Someone needs to have a good understanding of accounting and basic office software to do the job. Having strong Mathematical skills is another plus point for the applicants before sending an accountant assistant cover letter. Able to work under pressure and have good organizational and problem skills are important to possess by the applicants. The last requirement that might be simple but very important is honesty. Dealing with the financial data of a big company needs to be done by someone trustworthy.

Sample Letter of Accountant Assistant Cover Letter

Below is the sample of accountant assistant cover letter to be as your reference to write professionally.

Dear Mrs. Jessica Hare,

I am interested in applying for the position of Accountant Assistant at O’Hare Industry, as it is advertised on the company website.

I graduated from ABC University with a Business Accounting degree and a GPA of 3.92. I have worked at the accountant department of Little Start-Up Company for one year before deciding to expand my career to meet my professional goals. I have a good understanding of accounting principles and terminology which help me to finish my job better. My mathematical skill is excellent as I am always interested in numbers and that makes me enjoying accounting more. I have been operating basic Office and accounting software for years so it will not be any problems.

I am detailed-oriented as I deal with numbers and I make sure to recheck the work so that there is no room for error. I can work under pressure and have the good problem-solving skill to take important decisions if it is needed. I am used to organizing a lot of data at once and I am sure I can support the accounting department at O’Hare Industry.

Feel free to call me at 555-666-777 for the interview. Thank you.



Diane Joanna

The accountant assistant cover letter above is concise with the needed information and qualifications of the applicant. Hope it helps you.


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