4+ Passport Photo Template Sample


The Best Passport Photo Template Sample For Free


Do you need photos for a passport? Don’t worry. Now you can use a passport photo template sample that will help you. Some free models are also available so you can use them at any time.

Tips for Using the Perfect Passport Photo Template Sample

You can use a passport photo template sample to finish it perfectly right away. Some tips will help you use templates more effectively. Here are the tips.

  • Download passport templates that are easy to customize
  • Align your photos to place them on the model
  • Use official pictures for your passport and crop images according to the right proportions
  • You can use a 2 x 2 size, but you can adjust it to the policies of your company.
  • Make sure you put your best photo for a passport

6 Sample For Free Passport Photo Templates

Join several passport photo template samples that you can use. Make sure you adjust it as needed. The following examples can help you to get the best template.

1. British Passport Photo Template

You must be careful in checking the size of the photo for the UK passport. You can download the template and align it with the applicable conditions. After you get the model, you can paste the picture.

2. Australian Passport Photo Template

Australia is known to have a very detailed implementation for making a passport. When you want to get a template, then you can use Photoshop. Your eyesight is also essential when taking photos for Australian visas.

3. US Passport Photo Template

This country has become one of the strictest countries in organizing passports. Measurements are also carried out precisely and correctly. You can download and customize templates.

4. Canadian Passport Photo Template

You may follow the guidelines made by the government when making this passport. Fortunately, templates for Canadian passports can be found for free. You need to place the photos carefully.

5. Children’s Photo Templates

Children also need a visa to visit abroad. You can adjust the child’s photo to the specifications given. Follow the guidelines to make it.

You can use a passport photo template sample to suit your needs. Each country may have a different policy. Although the use of a passport, in general, is the same.


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