10+ Instagram Story Free Template in PSD


Instagram Story Template for More Beautiful Stories to Upload

Instagram is one of the social media with many users in the world. Under the Facebook Company, it is a platform where people can share their photos with their friends or other users. How to use it is very easy as well as the interface is friendly. One of the most popular features is Instagram Story. To make your Instagram Story look more stunning, you can download and use the Instagram Story template anyway.

What Instagram Story Template Is

What is the function of an Instagram Story template? Instagram Story is uploaded and it is only lasting for 24 hours except you want to save it. in that short period of time, it is really reasonable to make it as good-looking as possible. The template is where you can type down the status or attach pictures and videos. The layout will be more beautiful for sure. This is how your story may attract more people.

Benefits of Using the Template

Since many people nowadays just love making stories and reading others’ stories on Instagram, the presence of template becomes important and needed. There are some benefits also to get. What are they?

Good-Looking Stories

This is the most important thing and what to look for by Instagram users. You must want your stories to look more beautiful and different from others. Rather than letting it plain, you can apply the template first before uploading it.

Easy to Use

The template is relatively easy to use. Once it has been added to your collection, it simply appears when you want to make a story. Yes, you can even create the template yourself. But if you want it to be more practical, it is better to download it.

It can be customized

Sure, you can customize the template as you want. When the template design may be the default, you can still change the color. To make it more attractive, use a type of font that fits the template also.

Saving Time

On Instagram itself, there are many filters and others to make the stories look more interesting. But if you don’t have much time for that, the template will help you. For example, your story is very important related to your job. It makes the story layout look more interesting without doing too many efforts.

There have been many features on Instagram you can use. They are including templates and filters for the stories. But if you want to make them look more beautiful, other collections of the Instagram story template can be downloaded easily here.

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