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Medical Curriculum Vitae to Help You Get the First Job

Curriculum Vitae or CV is an important document to be prepared for when you want to join a medical company or management to get your first job. The medical curriculum vitae will be an object of the recruiter to be considered, especially to know the personal value of the candidate, especially to read about the experience, education, and others.

Writing a professional CV is a must. The whole appearance of the CV will influence the attention that the recruiter will give. That is why knowing about the ways to make a professional curriculum vitae is a must.

In this case, we will talk about the sample of medical curriculum vitae and some tips to write it. For those who want to know its details, please take a seat and read the following writings below.

Sample of Medical Curriculum Vitae

To ease you in writing curriculum vitae, we have a good sample that you could see below. The sample can be a source of inspiration. Besides, you also could see the arrangement of the professional curriculum vitae.

Bernando Silva

Manchester, UK | 555-9182-099 | silva.bernando991@email.com


Master of Communication, 2018

State University of Manchester, UK


The State University of North London for Computational Chemistry

Research Assistant, 2011 – 2013

  • Maintained all equipment for the laboratory to ensure a safe and clean work station for the faculty and students
  • Operated experimented pilots
  • Assisted in developing new chemical processes of engineering
  • Conducted chemical and physical laboratory tests to assist the research scientists in both qualitative and quantitative analyses


  • Curriculum planning
  • Project management
  • Fluent in English and Spain
  • High dedication
  • Good leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Time management

Awards and Honors

Green Foundation

Green Prize in Medicine, 2017

Awarded to up to three individuals globally, especially for the achievement in medical science

Publication and Presentations

Understanding the Matters of Auditory Sensitivity Issues in Children

2015, World Organization Conference

Professional Association

English Society of Journalist and Authors, London (2010 – present)

License and Certifications

Association for Clinical Sociology

Certificate in Sociology Practice

How to Make Medical Curriculum Vitae?

Since curriculum vitae are an important document to be made, especially to get a new job, there are some matters to be followed in making it. The ways to make the best medical curriculum vitae to follow are:

  • Choose the right and appropriate font type and size
  • Check the margin of the document
  • Utilize the detailed space
  • Choose the right format for the professional CV
  • Deliver complete and exact information, especially the education and experience
  • Proofread the CV before printing and sending it to the employer

People also ask

How to write the experience section for the CV?

For the experience section inside the simple medical curriculum vitae, you can follow this idea to write a clear detail:

  • Put the relevant experience in the bulleted list
  • Use the reverse-chronological format
  • Include the title of the hob, the organization where you worked, and the details of your employment

What to put in my first medical curriculum vitae?

Some matters to be put inside your first curriculum vitae are:

  • Full name
  • Detailed contact address
  • Personal statement
  • Key skills
  • Education
  • Work experience

What to avoid in writing a medical curriculum vitae?

To make the best medical curriculum vitae, there are some matters to be avoided. Since a CV is a formal document, of course, you need to write it formally. Avoid using any ambiguous words there and unnecessary words to explain your personal information.

On another hand, do not make a too-long CV. The CV should be written simple and short. Please be concise in writing the CV and make sure that you just write formal and important information.

Kinds of Medical Curriculum Vitae Template

There are some templates of the medical curriculum vitae that you could follow to ease you in writing the document. By following the template, of course, making a CV will be easier to be done and you could find the most appropriate template for the different details.

Medical Assistant Curriculum Vitae Template

Becoming a medical assistant can be the first step for you to get a new job. When you want to take this chance, of course, this template can be a helper for you. This template will show you how to make the best template and build personal value.

Medical Pediatrician Curriculum Vitae Template

The pediatrician is an important position in the medical world. Besides, many medical sectors need the agents of a pediatrician to fill some positions. When you are interested to be a new pediatrician, you could make your CV using this template. A template here is nice to be followed since it shows the whole arrangement of the best CV.

Medical Technician Curriculum Vitae Template

The medical technician also becomes a favorite position, especially for those who have some best skills to be proven. To join with the management, providing a trusted CV is a must. This template can be your way to make the best CV with its simple arrangement.

Medical Fellowship Curriculum Vitae Template

For those who want to be a medical fellowship, reading this template is an important matter to be done. This template is versatile and can be applied to different situations. You could see how great the arrangement is and the detailed information is also easy to be understood. That is why you may follow this template to create your best CV.

Medical Doctor Curriculum Vitae Template

A medical doctor is an important person with high and difficult responsibilities. That is why only a high-skill person that could stay in this position. Then, there will be a complex and specific matter to be done in selecting the agent. This template can be a helper, especially when you want to be a new medical doctor.

That is all about the medical curriculum vitae and its template that you need to know. Since it becomes part of the recruitment process, of course, you need to make the best CV. Remember that your CV will influence your professionalism. Then, what you write on your CV will be the consideration by the recruiter.

Medical Curriculum Vitae Sample

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