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Simple Resume Templates to Apply for a Job

Sending a job application is the main thing that you need to do when you want to apply for a position in a company. The simple resume templates provide various samples that help you to understand how to create a perfect resume.

The sample helps you to lay the format that is needed to apply to a certain position in a company. It includes the document details that are needed. You can prepare everything that is needed to build a strong resume.

The resume helps the job seeker to build an excellent resume with minimum work. You can use the sample as a guide to creating a resume with steps, simple formats, and various content details. Check out the simple format for a secretary position below.

Simple Sample Templates for Secretary Position in a Company

This is a simple resume template for work that you can apply for a certain position like being a secretary. Check out the format below to help you organize your data and build your professional profile properly.

Amanda Bowies Stevenson

Personal Info

Phone   : (555) 873-009-221

Email     : AmandaBowiesln@gmail.com


Profession: Work as a professional secretary with different background. Work in different companies and acknowledge various work circumstances. As a secretary, the understanding of office management procedures is knowledgeable.

Education: Study in Bachelor Degree in Management Business of Oakland, California. Study in a Business Master Degree of California University.

Current Position: Secretary in Compass Company until April 2021.

Work Experience:

Assistance Secretary

D&M Change Organization

2015 – 2018

  • Working as an assistant secretary in D&M Change Organization that helps people who are needed. Handle the donations and manage the contact with donators.
  • Arrange the schedule for organization’ events related to donations and social humanity events. Manage to control the scheduled activities including the document record.
  • Improved efficiency working assignments and tasks with professional management. Handle the course and the events’ responsibility several times.
  • Write and deliver the correspondence to donators and the places that receive the donations. Arrange the scheduled appointments.
  • Perform the different tasks in the office. Helps the company to organize the data. All of the details in a secretary resume sample template include the experience details.

Head Secretary

Diamond Rings Corporate

2018 – 2020

  • Handle the responsibility to greet and answers customers, guests, and visitors through a meeting, phone, and emails.
  • Helps to improve the company’s office efficiency by 15% for eight months. Handle the responsibility to arrange the meeting and events with other vendors or clients.
  • Write the correspondence to the clients, customers, and business partners. Arrange the scheduled appointments, meetings, and events.
  • Can handle different tasks and assignments. Can maintain to organize and manage the company’s documents and files.
  • Can perform office duties professionally. Can handle any administrative assignment related to the company’s business.
  • Can arrange files, do archiving documents, and organizing the important documents and files.

General Head Secretary

Compass Company

2020 – Present

  • Manage the office tasks and assist the junior staff to handle the company’s document management. Arrange the lists of the press schedules.
  • Arrange the events and lists the schedule made by the company. Can do multi-task to handle various tasks.
  • Can handle business engagements made by the company including organization meetings, document reports, and others.
  • Can handle the accommodations arrangement for the company’s business schedule. Can manage to take note the documents and meetings for the company’s directors and managers in different departments.
  • Hold the duties as the general head secretary for the company’s departments. Handle confidential information and firm data security for the company’s protocol. The free simple sample resume template for work helps to manage the duties’ experience.


Bachelor Degree in Management Business

Oakland University, California

2010 – 2013

Business Master

California University

2013 – 2015


Administrative Business Conference 2018

Business Management Conference 2020

Key Skills

  • Have an efficient, knowledgeable, and organized system to work in the field. Have a great understanding of office procedures, equipment, and tools.
  • Have a great personality. Can handle different types of people related to customers, clients, vendors, and business partners.
  • Have a great communication skills, leadership, and strong business service, and work ethic. Have great high attendance rate.
  • Can emphasize communication to all of the different managers’ departments, customers, and supervisors.
  • Have excellent organizational skills, outstanding management skills, and interpersonal skills. Trustworthy, accurate, and efficient.

How to Write a Resume Doctor Curriculum Vitae

To write a resume template for secretary work, you can follow the steps here. Check out the perfect steps to start your resume. Start your resume by following the steps below.

  • You can start the resume by explaining your profile data firstly. Then, you can move to describe your previous job and the experience that you had before. Write the letter objectively.
  • Make sure that you provide details in your resume. Give contents that are easy to understand. Compose the resume letter efficiently.
  • Write your resume with data that you have gathered by points. You can start it by explaining the objective, experience, education, to skills.
  • Always remember to put your contact in the resume. It can be phone numbers, email, and addresses. It is important to leave an active contact there. The contact will help the company to call you.
  • Make sure you use a good and positive expression in your letter. Check out several samples to make a perfect one for you.

People Also Ask

How to Make an Excellent Simple Resume Template for Work?

When you make a letter, make sure that you have known things that you want to write in the letter. Thus, it is important to check out some of the samples to help you build the resume better. The format helps you to organize your data.

  • To make an excellent resume, you can create a format that matched the job position that you apply for.
  • Make sure that you search the sample that relates to the job that you want. Gather your data and organize it with the format that you have learned.
  • Use punctual, understandable, and great diction to deliver your message in the resume. To help you better, find the sample that helps you to make a perfect resume.

What Do You Need to Avoid When Writing Simple Resume Templates?

When you write a letter, you may need to avoid some of the things below. By avoiding the things described below, it helps you to create an excellent resume.

  • When you write a letter, avoid ambiguous words to deliver your information. Do not use words that you do not understand just to make your letter look fancy. It’s better to use paragraphs that are easy to understand.
  • Write a letter effectively. Do not use long paragraphs to describe all of your experiences. Make it short yet can deliver the point very well.
  • Complete the resume with personal information. It means do not leave any basic personal information such as contact numbers in the resume.
  • Lastly, use formal language to write a resume. Do not use informal and slang language in the letter.

Those are several things that can help you to create an excellent resume. The simple resume templates help you to build a perfect resume that helps you to land your new job. Check out several other samples to help you find the best sample and format for you.

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