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Marketing Resume Example to land the first job

If you want to be a marketer, you probably need to arrange a resume to show your qualifications for the employer as well. In this idea, you can select the proper marketing resume example that will lead you to arrange the proper template. Marketing is thriving and you need to hire a good marketing specialist to make it a difference.

A marketing resume example idea will be simply needed to sell. In this idea, you need to fill the resume with relevant information. Besides, you also need to put it into an attractive shape and you need to complement each other to make your sample idea impressive.

The marketing resume example template 

The sample will guide you to arrange the proper template without any difficulties. It will show everything you need very well. You can read the following sample below to make it impressive to read.

Marco Polo

Detail Info

Phone: (777)-889-556

Email: polomarco782@gmail.com


A competent professional with 5+ years of experience in marketing operation, recruitment, channel management, and business development. Pursuing a postgraduate diploma in Business Administration (Marketing) from symbiosis center for distance learning and expertise in managing development.


Communication and marketing director

Brown Company, Los Angeles, October 2018 – present

  • Responsible to develop and execute of an integrated marketing communication plan and related budget
  • Hired, trained, and manage marketing and support teams
  • Support sales and account management, providing tools for successful sales growth

Marketing Manager

TMX Company, Los Angeles, September 2016 – June 2018

  • Led efforts to increase a fully integrated marketing communication plan and team
  • Growing team from two to five members and responsible for successful corporate re-brand and update of all branded assets
  • Include website, truck banners, advertising, and customer support material and led re-brand and launch of trademarked


B.A. American studies social responsibility

St. Crown State University, St. Crown, USA 2008 – 2012

Key skills 

  • Visual merchandising
  • Project lending
  • Strategic
  • Creative
  • Mentoring
  • Analytical
  • Articular speaker


  • Spanish
  • English
  • Germany

How to create a marketing resume example

If you want to arrange this marketing resume example format, you need to follow some steps. The following steps will make your format getting impressive so that you can make your template impressive to read. Here are some steps to follow to arrange this format.

  • Communication, network, and negotiation should keep you associated with suppliers, service, providers, and manufacturers
  • Use a striking resume template by using color and apply a proper font to make it getting creative
  • Remember to sharpen up your skills section
  • Add links to your work because you can claim anything you want on a resume without any difficulties
  • Keep the education section simple by including your minor academic awards, your grade point average, and so forth

How do I write a marketing resume?

When you want to make your template impressive, you need to know some ideas to make a proper marketing resume example template. Gaining this purpose, here are some ideas to follow on your template to make it impressive.

1) Apply the proper format because every resume need a good format to make it look presentable

2) Select the proper resume type because it will create the right content for your resume

3) Include the work experience because it will be essential if you have been employed with previous companies before

4) Put relevant skills on your resume to a specific job position that you are applying for

What skills to include in a marketing resume?

Besides, your resume also will be impressive if you can put relevant skills on your resume. Here are some skills that should be input on your marketing resume so that the readers will be getting satisfaction to read the template.

1) Leadership skills

2) Business communication skills

3) Critical thinking

4) Project management

5) Social media

6) Analytical skills

Kinds of marketing resume example

Furthermore, this marketing resume example document design has some types that will make your template impressive to read. The type of this template also will help you to get the proper job position that you want in marketing. Here are some types of the resume:

Senior Marketing Consultant Resume Example

This resume is impressive because it will provide some extra skills on the resume. Since it is senior marketing, you will provide some ideas that will make your template amazing. This resume will emphasize the job experience so that this resume will be proper for you who have many experiences work.

Marketing Resume Example with No Experience 

If you are a fresh graduate and you have no experience, this resume will be suitable for you to apply. This resume will focus on your education and relevant skills. This resume also will help you to identify your type of education so that you need to pay attention to your education and skills in this resume.

Marketing Research Consultant Resume

This resume is suitable for those who want to be a research marketing research consultant. To be this marketing, you need to have certain education relevant to marketing. Besides, you also need to have some relevant experience to make your position as a candidate getting stronger.

Marketing Communication Consultant Resume 

The type of this resume is good for you who want to be a consultant in marketing. You need to have specific skills to manage marketing communication. Besides, your resume also should be supported with some ideas such as the education and communication skills on your template.

Marketing Business Analyst Resume 

As an analyst, you need to have relevant education. The business analyst will be needed in this resume so that you can get the satisfaction resume here if you want to be a marketing business analyst.

With those ideas, your marketing resume example will be useful to arrange the proper resume as marketing. You should not worry if you have no experience writing this resume because this sample will guide you and it will give you the inspiration to make your resume getting impressive to read for the recipient.

Marketing Resume Example

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