10+ Teaching Curriculum Vitae Sample Example


Teaching Curriculum Vitae Sample Example to facilitate you applying as a teacher

If you want to be a teacher, you need to promote yourself in an educational institution. Gaining this purpose, you need to arrange a CV. You should not worry when you never arranging this template because you can follow some teaching curriculum vitae sample examples that will facilitate you arranging this document.

As we know that teachers do not just impart education but they also will transmit values, foster empathy, and establish a relationship of contention with students. Therefore, a teaching curriculum vitae sample example idea will be useful because it will lead you to arrange the proper quality to read.

The teaching curriculum vitae sample example template 

To facilitate you arranging this document, the sample will lead you to make it great. Here is the sample that will make your CV getting better.

Randy Colin

Personal Info

Phone: (666) – 889- 9934

Email: colinrandy56@gmail.com


Accomplished career demonstrating consistent success as an administrator and educator at the secondary and higher level. Seasoned conceiving and building program from the ground. Extensive background in developing and implementing a special program for at risks

Teaching Experience 

Second-grade teacher

Extreme Elementary School, June 2017 – present

  • Gained valuable experience teaching early years and school years first and second-grade
  • Developed skills in lesson planning and assessment
  • Organized group work
  • Increase strategies to manage classroom behavior

Practicum teacher

Garfield Elementary School, October 2015 – March 2017

  • Provided daily lesson including preparing the tools for practicum
  • Used laboratory as a classroom to do research with fun research
  • Developed and instructed the student to do research together in a laboratory


Ed. D, Education for Elementary School

University of Texas

B.S Elementary and Special Education

Towson State University

Key skills 

  • Capable of effectively writing grant letter with a high percentage procurement
  • Administered annual budget and managed credentialed staff members
  • Friendly
  • Good communication
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office

How to create a teaching curriculum vitae sample example

When you never write this letter, the teaching curriculum vitae sample example format will lead you to arrange it well. Besides, you also have to know the steps to arrange this template. Here are some of the steps to write to make this template impressive.

  • Present yourself the right way by identifying your experience and knowledge as much as possible
  • Emphasize your specific skills including the relevant skills in a teacher’s CV
  • Describe your teaching methodology and mention on your CV that you can guide the student to learn new things
  • Write a strong cover letter
  • Apply action verbs such as teach, educate, encourage, motivate, plan, and so forth

People also ask

What are curriculum vitae and examples?

A teaching curriculum vitae sample example is commonly referred to as a CV and it is a document that should be arranged longer two or more pages. This document will be a more detailed synopsis than a resume so that your CV should be clear, concise, complete, and up to date with current employment and education information.

How do I write a good teaching CV?

When you want to arrange a proper CV for teaching, you can follow some ideas below to make it impressive. The ideas below are great because it is simple but it will influence the readers reading your template properly. Here are some ideas to follow:

1) Keep your profile brief where you need to keep your profile short and punchy by providing an overview of your offerings

2) Sell yourself. You need to impress recruiters and encourage them to read the rest of your CV with enthusiasm and ensure that you write persuasively and highlight your biggest achievement

3) Tailor your profile towards your target teaching roles and you need to make solid research into the position you are applying for

4) Provide your teaching and other academic experience

The kinds of a teaching curriculum vitae sample example

You will find many types of this teaching curriculum vitae sample example document so that you need to select the proper one as your sample. With this idea, a CV will be great and it will be relevant to your job position as well. Here are some kinds of the CV for the teacher.

Academic teaching CV template 

This template is useful for those who want to apply for education in any school. This CV will have a common content including the skills and achievement that will ensure the recipient without any difficulties. The template is also editable so that it will be useful for you to edit the template suitable for your need.

Teaching curriculum vitae layout

Different from the previous template, this CV has a great layout because it focuses on it. Moreover, you also can include some skills and experience or education on this CV relevant to your school institution. With this resume, you can ensure your way to designing this template properly.

Teaching curriculum vitae sample example with no experience 

If you have no experience but you want to land a job as a teacher, this sample will be useful. It gives many ideas for you to make your template impressive. The template will focus on the skills and your education. If you have any rewards or accomplishments it will be better to ensure the readers as well.

Teaching experience CV template 

This resume is full of experience so that it is suitable for you who want to be a professional teacher. Since you have many experiences in teaching, you need to emphasize it. You have to show your capability, especially for your teaching methodology to ensure the recipient very well.

Professional teaching curriculum vitae sample example

The type of this resume is similar to the previous one. Moreover, this sample document has impressive experience in teaching. You only need to add any relevant experience and skills to make the people understand your quality.

Because of that, you should not worry if you never arrange this template because a teaching curriculum vitae sample example will help you without any difficulties. Besides, this sample template also will make your template impressive to read suitable for your job position in education.

Teaching Curriculum Vitae Sample Example

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