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Finance Resume to land a job

The finance resume will be the best idea for you who want to apply for a finance job position. This resume will introduce your capabilities and abilities to amaze the recipient as well. Besides, you also can show your quality without any difficulties because this resume shows your skills, education, and other important information.

You probably know that the financial career field is one of the fastest-growing at the present moment. Therefore, you have to arrange a finance resume design properly. This resume will get the satisfaction to read because you can show your excellent finance skills that will help you to stand out from other applications.

The example of a finance resume

To inspire you to write this template, you can use the following sample that will lead you to arrange the proper template. It is simple but it will help you very much to make it great.

Maria Johnson

Personal info

Phone: (666)-667-990

Email: johnsonmaria67@gmail.com


Finance professional with 10+ years of experience in accounting, financial management, financial reporting, and internal control. Proven track record in optimizing cash flow, decrease costs, driving efficiency and integrity in financial by analyzing and resolving complex accounting, reporting, and regulatory issues.


Financial management

TVF group, Inc., Texas, June 2018 – present

  • Oversaw the daily operation of the accounting department, including financial data monitoring, financial reports preparation, and compliance with accounting methods
  • Prepared and filed all taxes such as federal income, state income, payroll, sales, and corporate franchise taxes
  • The formulated annual budget, cash forecasts, and variance reports

Financial reporting

Flour, Inc. Texas, August 2014 – September 2017

  • Spearhead overall finance function of the company with over $50 million in revenue and 100 + employees
  • Monitor the preparation of financial statements, activities reports, cash flow, and other financial reports
  • Keep the company assets and increase the financial resources by providing financial direction in structuring accounting policies and procedures


B.S. Accounting

UCLA, Los Angeles, 2010

Honors: cum laude

GPA: 3.7/ 4.0

Key skills 

  • Financial reporting
  • Full-cycle accounting
  • Quick Books
  • Cash flow optimization


  • Spanish
  • English

How to create a finance resume

Before you writing this finance resume template idea, you need to ensure that you know the steps to write this resume. This idea will be useful because it will help you to emphasize your strengths. Here are some steps that should you follow to make a proper template.

  • · You need to highlight your finance resume skills because it will adept at the quantitative analysis and report writing
  • · You need to add a hard number to your achievement in the finance industry because it will be measured using a hard number
  • · Include strong finance action verbs and you can ensure by using bullet points engage the readers
  • · Customize your finance resume for the job post and you need to show that you have done thorough research to impress the hiring manager

How do I write a financial resume?

If you want to make a great finance resume design document, you need to include some ideas on your resume. Here are some ideas that will make your document impressive to read for the recipient without any difficulties.

1) Include a strong professional summary that will help a hiring manager determine whether the rest of your resume

2) Focus your resume on relevant position instead of mentoring every position you have held

3) Remember to use finance-related keywords

4) Do not use an outdated resume because it will make your resume getting worse

What should a financial analyst put on a resume?

There are some parts that have to put on your resume. Some of the parts will make your template impressive so that you have to pay attention to this idea. Here are some parts that have to include in your template.

1) Include contact information

2) Give financial analyst resume summary

3) Remember to include achievement for your resume

4) Include some skills such as statistical analysis, cost accounting, financial software applications, database, and so forth

The kinds of finance resume

Furthermore, you also will find some types of this finance resume format document. Because of that, you have to select the proper format that is relevant to your financial job position. Here are some of the types to know on this resume.

Senior finance manager resume

This resume is impressive because it will show some impressive experience that will make people getting impressive to read. This resume will focus on the experience so that it can ensure the recipient about your quality as well.

Finance resume with no experience

If you have no experience, this resume will be properly on your template. This template will provide some ideas that will make your resume interesting to read. This resume will focus on your relevant studies and achievement to ensure the people about your capabilities.

Finance Project Manager Resume

Different from the previous one, this resume comes with great skills as a finance project. The resume will show the way to save plan development and personal finance management. This resume also will show the insurance acquisition that can either be for health, property and so forth.

Assistant Director Finance Resume

As an assistant director, you have to have great capabilities. This resume will show the specific area of expertise. This resume will help your prospective employer to assess whether you are fit for the financial position or not. You can include relevant skills and achievements to ensure your quality here.

Example finance resume template 

This sample will lead you to arrange the proper template without any difficulties. The resume will be general so that you can edit and customize this template suitable to your need. The resume will identify the business operation of the business sector where the financial position is open for employment.

Through the identification of those ideas, you can arrange a finance resume without any difficulties. You can write professional work experience with the guide of the above-mentioned finance operational background. Because of that, you should not worry to arrange this template for your job position.

Finance Resume Sample

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