Restaurant Resignation Letter to Quit the Job Politely

Resigning from the job is a common matter to be done by an employee. However, when you consider leaving your job in the restaurant, maintain a good farewell is needed. Many ways can be done to show your professionalism, including making a restaurant resignation letter.

Well, for leaving the job, sending a resignation letter to the employer is a good communication way to do. The letter will be an appropriate instrument to reveal the detailed reason for leaving and other proper information. However, it should be written formally.


What is Restaurant Resignation Letter?

The resignation letter is a formal document that is written by an employee to state that he or she is ready to leave his or her current job. The main information to be shown inside this letter is the last day of work. Besides, the employee also could show gratitude just to make a better farewell.

Substantively, there is no exact format of the resignation letter. However, since this letter includes in a formal document, a professional tone is needed to be applied. Besides, the employee also should follow the common rules of the business letter in writing it.

What to Include Inside a Restaurant Resignation Letter?

The resignation letter should include some information to make a clear statement. Some information to be included inside this letter are:

  • A statement that you –as the employee, want to resign from the current position
  • The date of the last day of work, based on the notification that is giving inside the letter
  • A short explanation about the reason for leaving
  • A short and polite thank you to the employer or co-workers at the end of the letter
  • A positive experience that is gotten during the working time
  • An offer to assist in finding the replacement

Basic Tips to Write Restaurant Resignation Letter

These are some simple tips that can be added as another consideration when you want to make a restaurant resignation letter. The tips are:

  • Keep the letter short and concise
  • Stick to the points
  • Use formal language and writing style
  • Make sure that the date of the last day of work is right
  • Proofread the letter before sending it to avoid writing mistake

Sample of Restaurant Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Tammy

Through this letter, I want to inform you about my resignation as a chef of the Comet Night Restaurant effective two weeks after the date of this letter. In a few days, my family decides to move to Italy, so I cannot continue my career here.

The time I spent at Comet Night Restaurant will be an unforgettable moment since I have many best friends and co-workers here. Of course, there are many best memories and experiences that I get here, especially about the world of cooking.

It is amazing how the restaurant provided unusual menus to the customers. Of course, it also becomes a challenge for every chef to serve the best menus and increase their knowledge.

Well, before my leaving, I have discussed with Chef Arnold and I recommend him as my replacement. He is a nice guy with a lot of experience in cooking many special menus. I am confident that he could be a good replacement.

That is all about what I want to say. When you need more information, you may call me at (999) 123-1111. Thank you for your attention.



The restaurant resignation letter should be written formally. Then, do not send it in a hurry!



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