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10+ Downloadable Address Book Template Samples

An address book can be defined as a small book that contains a list of contacts & numbers. Some people also call it a name & address book (NAB). This kind of book will be useful for everyone. To ease your task to create it, you can use our address book template.

Types of Address Books

A PSD address book template is available in different types. One of them is a software address book. Besides that, there is also an online address book. For the next type, there is a network address book. The next type is a global address book. Another common type is a third-part address book.

Using an address book will keep you convenient to contact the people you want for any purpose. We know that it is impossible to remember the names, addresses, & numbers of all people you know. So,

How to Write an Address Book

If you have an address book template PSD, you can fulfill it easily. Anyway, you have to know what to write in this book. The basic information to be written includes name, address, and phone number. However, an address book also usually provides other information.

For example, an address book may also provide the details related to the email address. Sometimes, the birthday is also included, too. Even more, some address books also provide notes that let you write any other information you need.

Tips for Creating an Address Book

Creating an editable PSD address book template requires you to follow these tips. First, you have to categorize the persons before you write them. You may separate professional and personal contacts. Sometimes, the contacts’ names are similar. So, you should create categories to make it convenient.

Besides that, contacts must be written orderly. It is best to write the contacts alphabetically. It lets you find the right name easily. It also makes your address book look neat & organized. With an organized order, you will be excited to use this address book.

Then, an address book also lets you write detailed information. You may write one’s address, phone, fax, web, and many more. One more, it is also a good idea to separate special people at a special place. You may create some categories such as family, friends, colleagues, business partners, etc.

Address Book Template Samples

If you are searching for PSD address book sample templates, you are on the right site. Some of the sample templates include a family address book, an address book for friends, and an address book for business partners, an address book for employees, and others.

With our address book template, you will be able to create your own address book effortlessly. So, you have to pick your desired template available here. After that, just feel free to use Photoshop to edit it to fit your needs. Then, you can start fulfilling the needed information details on the address book.

Address Book Design Ideas

Address Book Ideas

Address Book Example

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