10+ Example Project Management Resume


Example Project Management Resume to Be the Head of Winning Projects

If you are one capable of handling projects, it would make a good idea to apply for project manager job. For that however, you must have known that there is a need to prepare example project management resume. That being said, it must not be poorly made for it plays role in getting you in.

After all, the first thing that potential employer gets to know through about you is none other than your job resume. You won’t get chance to tell more about yourself if your resume goes to the trash bin after just a single glance. How your resume looks matters as well after all. So, let’s learn below.

Sample of Project Management Resume

Don’t start writing before you take a look at the resume sample at least once. With a picture already there in mind, it will be easier for you to make the resume yourself. So, here is one sample in general. Though there is more than one kind, it should be enough to start things with. Let’s see here.

Alan Ariomwelt

Personal Info

                Phone   : (555) 739-000-952

Email     : ariomwelt2021@gmail.com


Job applicant who is highly passionate in planning for big projects and sees to its end. Seeking for position to apply knowledge and skills on the job at AAA Star Link Company in Toronto, Ontario. With high GPA and experience, ready to offer expertise for the company.


Senior Project Manager

A-Link Local Company


  • Make plan for project resources
  • Prepare and manage the budgets
  • Observe the progress

Project Manager

XXX Local Project Company


  • Look for and choose project resources
  • Make sure everything progress within budget
  • Keep stakeholder informed

Junior Project Manager

AAA Project Company


  • Plan, organize, and direct operations
  • Lead team members
  • Oversee company projects


Toronto State University

Toronto, Ontario


GPA: 3.5

Relevant Coursework: Introduction to Management, History of Project and Plan

Expected Graduation: 2014

Membership: Student Executive Council

Key Skills

  • Time management
  • Critical analysis
  • Strong work ethics
  • Multitasking


  • Student of the Year, 2013-2014


  • English
  • Chinese

How to Write Project Management Resume?

Looking at the sample alone won’t be enough to tell you what order of procedure to follow when you write project manager job resume. After all, the order of the steps couldn’t be switched from each other. So, it is best to know than nothing of it. It will guide you through resume making as well.

  • Start with your name, phone, and email
  • Tell your career objective
  • Provide work experience if any
  • Add your education background and other information

People also ask

Who Are the Target Audiences of Project Management Resume?

Prospective candidates are undoubtedly PM resume target audience at first glance. Actually, they are not the only one. In fact, even the existing employee and the organization itself will benefit from it as well. You might want to find out what those benefits are to benefit yourself too. It’ll be worth it.

What Could Prospective Candidates Benefit from Project Management Resume?

Since prospective candidates are the main target here, we better start from them. Project manager candidates benefit the most from the resume after all. Surely, you will find it useful as the candidate as well. Not to mention, you will still make good use of it once you become hired employee yourself.

  • Display your background
  • Showcase educational qualification
  • Tell your relevance of experience
  • Show your skill sets

What Benefits the Existing Employee and Organization?

Remember, project management target includes more than the candidates. Here are their benefits.

  • Add value to the existing employee’s future career
  • Provide the organization opportunity to understand candidates well
  • Help the organization find the right kind of people for the job
  • Save lots of time and effort

Kinds of Project Management Resume

Let us tell you that there is more than one kind of resume that could be your choice out there. That being said, not all of them could be the best for your needs. Different kind means for different thing. Don’t get it mixed up from one to another. That’s how you choose professionally for the best choice.

Project Management Resume for Construction Industry

You might apply for PM position in construction industry. If that’s the case, you should have chosen this kind here. This resume focuses on highlighting your background, educational qualification, relevance of experience, and skill sets. You may make your description longer than usual if needed.

Project Management Resume for Finance Area

What’s this resume kind displayed is the same as the other kinds. How you write it however, is a little different. Here, you will start with the header filled with information, such as your name, phone, and email. Then, your business profile follows with your areas of expertise below, and so on.

Senior Project Management Resume

If you have been working as project manager for quite a long time, you might challenge your luck to apply for senior position. This resume is the kind you need for such position. What’s more? You can use this particular resume to apply for it in any type of industry. Feel free to customize as you need.

Business Analyst Project Management Resume

Project manager position is needed in marketing organization too. Do use this resume to help prepare your resume. Neatly made, it highlights vital information in length that is easy on the eyes of the readers. Of course, the resume still keeps employer informed even without lengthy words inside.

Professional Project Management Resume

You are free to go with professional resume as you wish. The points are still the same, but how they are placed is classy to look at. You start with your name on left and contact info on right, on the header. Then, make title and follow with summary. Achievements, expertise, etc. come next after it.

In conclusion, example project management resume has its kinds meant for particular industry or organization. Of course, there is kind that can be used for any. Still, choosing wisely is always the best for everything. Consider first your needs and find the right choice before you actually go with it.

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