10+ Engineering Resume Template Word


Engineering Resume Template Word to Get a New Prospected Job

For those who want to be new engineering as their career continuity, writing a professional resume is very essential. The resume will be a document to show who they are, especially to highlight their capabilities. That is why considering the engineering resume template word is needed.

Inside a resume, you need to share the basic contact information and some relevant skills that you have. With clear information, of course, a recruiter will have a better consideration to see you as a potential candidate.

Here, we will talk about some matters of the engineering resume that you need to know. Please read the writings below wholly.

Sample of Engineering Resume

To ease you in writing a professional resume as a candidate of engineering, here we have a simple sample for you. Of course, by reading this sample, you may know what to be included inside a professional resume.

Read the following resume below.

Heskey Emile

Las Cruces, IM | (1230 811-1022 | heskey.emile@email.com

Personal Summary

A detailed-oriented, high-dedicated, and outgoing mechanical engineer with more than 4 years of experience creating, designing, constructing, and using different machines. Has extensive and great knowledge of CMOS, DRAM, and NAND Imager.


The State University of Coral Spring

Mechanical Design and Engineering

August 2010 – May 2014

Working Experience

The Ocean Blue, Master Engineer

July 2019 – current

  • Investigated kinds of equipment to ensure the detailed reliability and safety for all users
  • Collaborate with the clients and managers to produce the time limit, budget, and other specifications for different projects
  • Evaluated and measure the accuracy of the mechanical components and engines
  • Assessed the different project requirements for current and accurate information to guarantee the result of the services

Silver Green Co, Second Engineer

  • Evaluated kinds of products and designs to ensure the safety and quality
  • Created and implemented the different designs and procedures for testing the different aspects inside the projects
  • Optimized the computer-based design and modeling software to design and arrange the construction of the different projects


  • Budgeting
  • Data assimilation
  • Time management
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to handle various projects
  • Adaptability

The simple sample above can be a good reference for you. Of course, you may follow the whole arrangement to write your best resume and face the recruitment process.

How to Make an Engineering Resume

Since a resume is very essential, especially to join the recruitment process, of course, you need to be careful in writing your resume. To help you in writing it, we have some steps as a guide that you may follow.

The steps to writing a professional engineering resumeas a new candidate are:

  • Follow the formal format of the resume
  • Write basic personal information, including name and address
  • Add the education information
  • Write about the working experience
  • List the relevant skills related to the job
  • Add another important information that is needed

People also ask

What are important skills that professional engineering need to have?

Professional engineering needs to have some important skills, so they could handle some different responsibilities. The skills that professional engineering needs to have are:

  • Communication skills
  • Structural analysis
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork skills
  • Industry skills
  • Pressure management skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Computer science
  • Attention to detail

What are the types of engineering to continue the person’s career?

About engineering, there are some types of engineering to be known, so you may choose one of them as a way to continue your career. Some types of engineering to be known as consideration are:

  • Petroleum engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Chemical engineer
  • Computer engineer
  • Aerospace engineer

Is design important in writing a professional resume?

Well, the answer is yes. Considering a design is needed in writing a resume. By using a modern design, of course, your resume will be more elegant. Besides, a design also will increase the readability of a resume to ease the recruiter in reading the whole information.

Kinds of Engineering Resume Template

To ease you in writing a professional resume as new engineering, using an engineering resume template can be a good idea to be applied. Well, a template will show a clear arrangement of what information to be added there.

Here, we have some templates that you could consider as an option. The templates are:

Automobile Engineering Resume Template

For those who want to be a new automobile engineering, here you could use this template to write a personal resume. This template is quite simple and there are spaces to show your automobile capabilities to increase your value in the recruitment process.

Civil Engineering Resume Template

This template can be a good reference for those who want to be professionals in civil engineering. Since some skills will be a consideration, this template is a good idea to cover it completely. Use this template and write your professional resume!

Chemical Engineering Resume Template

Do you want to be a new chemical engineering in continuing your career? Well, this engineering resume template can be a good reference for you. It is a simple template to write a professional resume easily. You just need to follow the whole arrangement and personalize the information.

Experienced Engineering Resume Template

For experienced engineering, getting a new job will be easier. However, they need to share the whole experience as the consideration of the recruiter. Here, you may use this template as a medium to show the whole experience that you have in the field of engineering.

New Entry Engineering Resume Template

Do you want to join the field of engineering for the first time? Well, becoming an inexperienced engineer is very challenging. You need to make sure that you could be the selected candidate. By using this engineering resume template, you could highlight your best capabilities.

Well, that is all about the engineering resume that you need to know. Remember, you need to be careful in writing this document since it is very essential for joining the recruitment process.

Then, try to find the engineering resume template word for a reference in writing it. Do not forget to proofread the document to maintain some mistakes that may happen.

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