Medical Permission Letter for Child for Legal Protection

Giving protection for the child is a must thing to do by the parent. When they are unable to give it because of some reasons, they could choose a specific person. That is why medical permission letter for a child becomes an important document to be known.

This letter is quite common today, especially for modern people. The occurring of the child’s power of attorney becomes another reason why making the medical permission letter for the child sometimes can be the solution to be chosen.


What is Medical Permission Letter for Child?

In a simple definition, the medical permission letter for the child is known as a legal document that is made to give the right of others, including the legal guardian to seek and provide healthcare for the child. Besides, the chosen party also will have the right to healthcare decisions.

Many different parties or an individual could be those who get this legal document. In common, these are some individuals that get the right to handle the healthcare of the child, such as grandparents, babysitters, daycares, and others.

When is the Medical Permission Letter for Child Needed?

These are some reasons why the medical permission letter for the child is needed or the parents should write it. When the parents want to provide another entity to give more medical care for their child, this letter can be made.

On another hand, the medical permission letter for the child is also needed when the parents want to choose the other party to handle the medical care for their child when they are unable. In common, the parents will choose the daycare or the babysitter.

How to Run Best Medical Permission Letter for Child?

Substantively, the medical permission letter for the child is not only a document. These are some matters to be considered before you decide to choose another party to handle the care-needed of your child.

To apply this form, these are some ways to be considered first. The matters are:

  • Find the complete and competent guardian for your child
  • Inform the guardian about the medical issue of the child when he or she has
  • Inform about the specific medications that the child needs
  • Determine the end date of the medical permission
  • Sign the completed document as the legality aspect

Sample of Medical Permission Letter for Child

There is a simple sample of the medical permission letter for the child that could be another reference when you want to make it. The sample is:

Dear Mr. Jacobs, Member of Youth Camp

Through this letter, I will inform you that I have completed the form providing by the school of my child. However, I just feel that additional information about the health condition of my child is needed, especially to handle the emergency that may happen.

Please notice as I have written on the form that my child has highly allergic, especially to poison ivy. I realize that during the camp, there will be many outdoor activities to be done and the risks of an allergy will be higher.

I would be pleased if you with the team could be handled the medical issue of my children during the agenda. Thank you for your attention and I feel sorry if this letter gives you more things to do.

When you need more information, you can call me at (777) 818-2818.

Yours sincerely,


That is all about the medical permission letter for the child. Please notice to make it readable and clear.



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