3+ Nameplate Template Sample

Nameplate Template Sample

We all know that people who work in the business field need to have a nameplate. What is a nameplate? A nameplate is basically a thing that is to identify and display a person’s name. Typically, nameplates have rectangles shape. However, you can shape the nameplate by following the shape of your name. There are two purposes possessed by nameplates. The first one is that the nameplate serves as an informative function in an office environment and the second one serves as a commercial role in a retail environment. Nameplates are different from nametags. Nameplates are usually mounted on the object, whereas the nametags are usually worn on the clothing. This is why you need to use the nameplate template sample. Now, there are two kinds of nameplates and let’s take a look at the explanation down below.

Office nameplates

For your information, the office nameplate is typically made of plastics, woods, and metals. Also, the office nameplate usually consists of only one or two lines of text. Of course, the format for this nameplate goes like this; the first line is used to display the name of the person and the second line is used to display the job or the title of the said person. But, there are several companies that require the nameplate maker not to include the title. It is common as many companies want to promote the culture of meritocracy where we should not judge people because of their job or title. Not only that but by excluding the job title, you can reuse the nameplate after you change your job. Talking about cost-effective, right? Now, let’s move on to the next nameplate template sample.

Personal nameplates

Other than office nameplates, there are also personal nameplates. This kind of nameplate is usually used for various reasons. For example, parents use nameplates on their children’s room to make it looks fun and cute. With that being said, the nameplates are, of course, made of woods and have fun shapes such as animals, favorite things, and also the children’s name. Also, the nameplates are more colorful than the ones that are in the office. The nameplate template sample has also used for vanity purposes. Usually, the nameplates are made of gold, silver, or metals and worn as jewelry and similar to the vanity found on automobiles. Not only that but the color of these nameplates are varies starting from bronze to pink. People usually use these nameplates as necklaces or bracelets.


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