The Useful Guidance of Volunteer Cover Letter

People volunteer for many different reasons but the main point is helping others. There is no age limit to be a volunteer, teenagers can do that if the place allows. Sometimes, the volunteer position is indemand so people need to write a volunteer cover letter. Another scenario is because the place does not ask for any volunteering activities but people want to dedicate their time and help. If this situation applies to you, there are few things you need to consider, and a sample letter is included that can be used as a reference at the end of the article.

Why do You Need to Volunteer?

People do volunteer because they simply need to help an organization to achieve particular goals, usually, it comes from someone with common purposes like helping the environment. People also give their time to pay back to an institution that places big effects on their lives. Volunteering in the disaster-affected area also becomes another common reason. Some people do volunteer because they need to take a break from a busy work lifestyle and find new life experiences. It is even better if they can put it in the resume, as long as it is in line with the job they have. After all, people come to do with many different reasons, just make sure your reason is good enough to give a positive impact on people you help.

Advantages of Volunteering

If you are still confused to send a volunteer cover letter, you need to check several benefits it offers. Volunteering builds your network as you meet new people and make new friends. You might share common interests with some people that you never think you’ll meet if you don’t do volunteer. It sets a good example for people around you, to your family, friends, or colleagues. Volunteer also helps people relax their body and mind from doing routines. It gives the sense of happiness and grateful.

Sample of Volunteer Cover Letter

The volunteer cover letter can be sent if the organization does not open volunteer work or when it is crowded with many applicants.

Dear Mrs. Martha,

I am, George White, writing this volunteer cover letterto apply for a teacher position at ABC Child School. I worked here five years ago when I just had graduated and had difficulty in getting the job. I am thankful for what you had done to me and I want to give back my time to help as a volunteer after I heard that some teachers leave the school.

After I have left school, I decided to start my small private tutor before it gets more students like now. Thankfully, some people take care of the tutor business now while I can enjoy doing other things. I have always been enjoying teaching, from kids to adults. I enjoy communicating with them and making the teaching media to help them understand the lesson better. I also love the atmosphere at ABC Child School and I cannot wait to go back here and meet the teachers and students. I am willing to work hard and do my best to educate the students.

I hope to hear from you soon. Please contact me at 444-222-999 for further information.



George White

The volunteer cover letter above shows how he wants to help the school as a way to pay back the help he used to receive before.


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