Best Reference for a Hospital Receptionist Cover Letter

The hospital receptionist is the front-row official who meets the patients and visitors. They have to always be ready to welcome and greet people in any situation. Hospital receptionists are identical with answering calls and greeting patients but the job does not stop there as there are other roles they need to do. Some requirements need to be taken seriously before sending the hospital receptionist cover letter. Below, you will read the best reference for a cover letter that can help you to write yours.


Responsibilities of Hospital Receptionists

Aside from greeting patients or visitors, hospital receptionists answer calls and give information to the caller or forward it to a respective nurse if the information is beyond the authority of the receptionists. They give paperwork for patients to fill and enter the patient’s medical records into the system. Hospital receptionists do not only deal with patients but sometimes they take care of the hospital’s supplies.

Qualifications of Hospital Receptionists

Before sending a hospital receptionist cover letter, make sure you have the qualifications needed. First, someone has to earn at least a high school diploma but it is preferable to graduate from a medical-vocational school that provides the knowledge of being a receptionist. If you are accepted, you need to follow the training provide by the medical institution for the first few months usually. Health-related certificates will be beneficial to strengthen the resume.

Skills Needed for Hospital Receptionists

As the job deals with many people, communication and interpersonal skills are the two most needed. A receptionist needs to listen to patients or callers to understand the situation before delivering the information clearly. Having good interpersonal skills ensures the easiness to communicate with all kinds of people. The communication itself does not limit to oral communication but also written. A receptionist has to have good organization skills to handle all the patients’ medical records, along with the payments and other documents.

Sample of Hospital Receptionist Cover Letter

Below, someone sends a hospital receptionist cover letter after resigning from a medical facility in another town.

Dear Mrs. Olivia,

I am sending this letter to apply for a hospital receptionist position at ZYX Hospital. I have three years of working experience in a Healthy Medical Facility before following my husband to move to another city.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and I received two-month training to be a hospital receptionist. I have an excellent understanding of the hospital receptionist responsibilities. My organization skill is good as I am used to organizing the hospital documents and patients’ records and payments in my previous workplace. I am also experienced in handling many patients with different characters and I always communicate with them regarding the information needed or to administer the patients’ appointment.

I am familiar with medical terms which helps the staff to do their job by working effectively. Working multi-tasking is something that I am capable of as it increases the efficiency of my job but I always make sure the job is correctly executed.

I hope my qualifications fit the position needed by ZYX Hospital and I wish to hear from you. My contact is at 444-987-111.



Dahniar Henry

We hope you have a clearer idea of how to write a hospital receptionist cover letter after reading the sample above.


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