Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter and Sample

When you are enrolled in school or college, you won’t merely be sitting and listening. You’ve got to prove understanding with good grades as well. When one is incapable of that, make sure you don’t get to the point of having to write academic dismissal appeal letter.


What Is Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter

College dismissal appeal letter or the kind is one you will have to write to formally and personally ask for a second chance to being student after he gets dismissed from the college due to poor grades. The writer is expected to write such letter in honesty.

How to Make Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter

Now, would you like to learnhow to write one? There is also order to everything even when it comes to writing this letter. Dismissal appeal letter stepsmust be followed in this order and you have to write the chain of events in chronological order as well.

  • Address the recipient
  • Write the purpose of the letter
  • Explain your side of story in order
  • Implore for a second chance
  • Sign the letter

Tips to Create Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter

Don’t you think following the procedure is not enough? You still don’t know exactly how to write each step, right? So, student dismissal appeal lettershould taking tips into consideration as well. Here are some of them you might want to take into account then.

  • Be honest with all your reasons
  • Don’t blame the circumstances
  • Write in chronological order
  • Be confident to be back on your track

Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter Sample

Once you have enough of the theory, you should spare some time to read dismissal appeal letter sample here. We’ve got the simplest for you to easily understand, so do give it a proper read before you make your own academic dismissal appeal letter.

Dear Mr. Vincent,

I am writing this letter to you to appeal my dismissal from Orange University. After receiving the letter yesterday, I would like to ask for an opportunity to explain. With all due respect, I am hoping you would consider my reinstatement as student in the university as well. Let me explain my reasons in this chance.

My father got into accident few months ago. Thankfully, the injury he got didn’t threaten his life. However, the accident left him unable to use his legs for quite some time. Being the breadwinner, we lostthe means to feed our family temporarily. We don’t come from wealthy one to not worry for a while about such thing.

So, as the eldest son, I took charge of our family’s food stall on behalf of my father. It took most of my time that I was unable to keep up with the study at the college. It was a mistake on my part to not discuss my situation with the professors. Fortunately, my father has gotten better and started to work little by little.

And I could get back to my study again. Once again, I implore you to reinstate me as student of the university. Please take a look at how unusual my grades this semester compared to the previous ones to further give you evidence. I promise to get back on my track as soon as I am reinstated to study again.


Keith Johannes

Keith Johannes


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