Vacation Leave Letter and Template

Work hard is good and all, but overwork sure is not. Do ask for a little time off from work to rest and refresh yourself. If you are thinking of doing it, why don’t you make vacation leave letter? As you know, this will be your way to ask for time off.


What Is Vacation Leave Letter

Work vacation letter is formal request from the employee to the employer to take some time off from work. One could do it to go on vacation or taking care of personal affairs. Every employee deserves it, so your employer will consider it as well.

How to Make Vacation Leave Letter

Let’s learn how to make work time off letter in this chance. Just because you have ever seen one, it does not mean that it would be enough to get you through the making. So, spare your time to give this procedure a proper read. Here we go.

  • Address your employer
  • Request vacation leave ahead of time
  • Mention the length you will be taking leave
  • Tell how you are going to take care of the work
  • Leave phone number to respond during your leave
  • Sign the letter

Tips to Create Vacation Leave Letter

Do you want some tips to make your letter better? We will share some of them in this chance. Temporary leave letter could use them to help get your request considered by your employer. After all, we need to make it as best as possible to get time off.

  • Don’t ask for a leave too sudden
  • Be precise with the vacation date intended
  • Make sure to finish all current projects before leaving
  • Be available to be contacted during your leave

Vacation Leave Letter Template

If you have never seen, read, or even write work vacation letter, you can take proper look at the template we have to provide you below. Vacation leave letter is quite easy to make. Even you should be able to make it yourself. So, here is the sample.

Dear Mr. Carlson,

I am writing this letter to request for vacation leave ahead of time. I would like to take a leave for vacation from January 2 to January 16, 2021. I plan on taking trip abroad to my wife’s homeland. Considering the distance, quite considerable amount of time is needed to go back and fro, so I have it planned beforehand.

I have not used up enough vacation before to save it up for this rather long leave. I have been minimizing my absence from work as well. Of course, I will be finishing my current and urgent projects and tasks before January 2, 2021. The rest will be sent by fax and I will be available to respond to calls during my vacation.

I believe that my team members will do a good job during my absence with me assisting from afar. Please do not hesitate to call me at (555)-987-4560 for any clarification or follow up. I look forward to your response. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Jion Denilon

Join Denilon

Assistant Manager

HLO Communications


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