A Short And Simple Example Of Emotional Resignation Letter

There are some conditions that force you to leave your job no matter how interesting and fun it is. It is indeed a very emotional goodbye to leave them as you have a wonderful time working there. However, you have no choice and the best way to end this is by writing an emotional resignation letter. This is a letter that helps you express what you love from the company without lacking a professional tone.


Do You Need To Give An Early Notice?

Most companies prefer if you leave an early notice before resigning. This will help them find the substitute candidate to continue your position. besides, it gives you a better impression before leaving. Normally, people give an early notice around 2 weeks before officially resigning.

What Happens In The Company If You Resign?

Some companies might allow you to resign from the company when they have nothing to worry about. For example, if your leaving doesn’t affect their business. Also, some companies want you to stay on board and help them in doing the transition. The second option is more common.

What Do You Need To Consider Before Leaving?

We all know that most people have personal lives they must finish. However, keep in mind to consider the following aspects before deciding to submit your resignation letter.

Is your problem fixable?

Some of you might get stuck with some personal problems. If it is still can be solved in some ways, it is better to stay in the company especially if your boss gives you the privilege to work out of the office until your problem finished.

Your plan after resigning

People decide to resign from their job due to some reasons. Mostly they don’t think about the long terms plan after resigning. In this matter, make sure you have enough emergency funds that support you during unemployment, and also you have a perfect plan to do after resigning to support your life.

The Example Of Emotional Resignation Letter

Dear Ms. Elice

I regret to inform you that starting January 225, 2021 I will no longer be working in ABC Company as a content manager. As you may know that my mother is suffering from late-stage of cancer and I was not available for some important meeting because I was helping her with medical treatment.

I feel this is the best thing I should take for the company and myself. Therefore, please accept this letter as my official 2-week early notice.

During these two weeks, I will work hard as I can to reduce the inconvenience due to my resignation. I will be gladly helping the transition process as much as I can in terms of task distribution, little training, and so on. If you have anything to discuss this matter, I am available at my desk or you can simply contact me at (555)555-444, or by email at erika.wood@email.com.

To be honest, working at ABC Company has given me a lot of valuable experience and skills. I have enjoyed working with the company during these 3 years and I am sure I will never forget all the memories and valuable lessons from you and the company. I wish you and the company all the best and I also hope we could cross the same part in the future. Thank you for your understanding.


Yours Sincerely,


Erika Wood

Content Manager

ABC Company



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