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Twitter Banner Template


You can optimize Twitter header photos with dimensions of 1500 pixels by 500 pixels high. When creating a Twitter banner template, count your profile picture with an invisible area around the image, which looks good in the right size. Although Twitter has provided a guide to the size of the photo canopy, it is not easy to determine the correct size.

Although Twitter has provided guidelines for the size of their headline photos, they will usually crop most of your cover photo, so they have to scale at various screen resolutions for results. If you have trouble changing Twitter banners appropriately, you can use templates available on multiple online sites with an attractive appearance.


Guidelines for Making Twitter Banner Templates

Guidelines for making a twitter banner template that is easy to do so that the display of your social media accounts look attractive; here are the steps.


  1. 1500px Photo Dimension with 3: 1 Aspect Ratio

Guide to making twitter banner templates using 1500 px photo dimensions with a 3: 1 aspect ratio. The photo has JPG, GIF, and PNG formats. Well, Twitter does not recommend profile photos in the form of animated GIFs. The best size is to use a 2MB banner image file. If the file size exceeds, it cannot be uploaded.

  1. Set the Twitter Banner Template Frame

A creative person will create a Twitter banner template frame, even if it is only added with a square black line. Usually, some add a flower icon on the corner to make it look more attractive.

You can also make the frame as pleasant as possible as long as it is not cut off when installed.


  1. Photo in the Middle of Twitter Banner

The next thing to consider is to put the photo or picture right in the middle of the Twitter banner; the goal is to make it easier for us to see it.

If the position is not centered in the middle, it will make people challenging to see it so that the appearance also looks less attractive.


  1. Use the profile picture according to the Screen Resolution

To make Twitter banners look more attractive, you have to make sure the profile picture you created does not interfere with the photo headers that look more complicated. The profile picture’s position has something to do with the cover photo so that the profile photo must also match the screen resolution, not to cover the Twitter banner.

  1. Twitter header with full width on desktop

It is recommended to create a full-width Twitter header on a computer so that when paired with a profile picture, it will look more balanced by not covering the header photo.

When you decrease the image resolution, the profile picture changes the header’s location so that it shows the larger header image in the zone.


  1. Twitter Banner Does Not Cover Cellphone Screen

It would help if you made a Twitter banner that is not only good when viewed from the desktop but makes a Twitter banner that is not cut and covers the screen when seen from a cellphone.


Usually, the appearance between the computer and the cell phone is different, so when you make a Twitter banner template, it must be made appropriately.

Twitter Banner Design Ideas


Twitter Banner Ideas

Make your Twitter banner template easy to see so that the arrangement and size must fit so that it doesn’t look cut off when viewed from a desktop or cell phone.


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