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Writing 30 Day Notice To Roommate Templates

A tenant is a person who signs the contract with the landlord for the rented property. If the lease or contract permits it, the tenant may allow a roommate to live with him in return for the monthly cost. A roommate is usually not listed in the contract, therefore a landlord has a right to ask him/ her to leave. But, you have to follow some specific process first, or your notice may not be valid as well. Easily, you can use a 30-day notice to roommate template.

How do you get rid of the roommate? 

The first step to moving out of the roommate is simply to ask. Although you need to give the 30-day eviction notice if you want to make that eviction, in many cases, the roommate will leave if you ask her/ him. It saves your time, hassle, and paperwork as well. But you can write the eviction notice and give it to your roommate. What you have to hear is treating your roommate like a tenant, so there is no doubt that you can stop her occupation right. Each state has different rules about eviction notices, so it is necessary to find out the specifics about your state’s law.

How do you write a 30-day eviction notice to your roommate? 

You can go online and find out the best template form for your state. All you can do is fill up the blanks. The details that you have to write including the roommate’s name, address, your address, your name, and the date. Writing the date is necessary since it will start the 30-day clock ticking. This notice should explain if the roommate failed to vacate, then you will take legal actions to have her/ him and her/ him belongings removed by that date. Then you have to sign the letter.

The best way to give this notice is to the hand-deliver this notice. Since the roommate leaves with you, it should be easy to do. If you are away for any reason, sometimes you can deliver this eviction notice by mail as well. Ensure that you check the rules in your state since each state is different. Your roommate has 30 days to pack up his belongings and leave. If he still on your property after the deadline, then you have a reason to take legal grounds. So, fill up your 30-day notice to roommate template.

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