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How to Write an Impressive Flight Attendant Resume

A great flight attendant is warm yet meticulous. If you are interested in this position, you should meet required qualifications. Besides that, you also need to write an impressive resume. Your flight attendant resume should be written professionally. Now, let’s see the following example and guidelines!

Sample of Flight Attendant Resume

Below is a flight attendant resume sample you can use for your reference:

Sally Marisca


Main Street, San Francisco, CA 55292



Flight attendant with 7 years’ experience in domestic & international charter & commercial flights. Demonstrated excellent customer service, receiving positive passengers’ feedback and crew’s recommendation. Proficient in emergency situations, diffusing situations from reaching dangerous levels, and fully trained in CPR & AED.

Professional Experience

Delta Air Lines – San Francisco, CA

Flight Attendant, March 2016 – present

  • Received “Flight Attendant Award” 5 times for safety adherence and cabin cleaning
  • Ensured adherence to FAA & company regulations, trained in emergency situations, assisting to diffuse 2 high-level situations from escalating to emergency levels
  • Served meals & refreshments and also provided excellent service to passengers, earning recognition consistently from flight crew & receiving 94% positive feedback from passenger surveys
  • Helped stow carry-on luggage to passengers, with ability to increase luggage space by 18% through efficient stowing techniques
  • Completed more than 1,500 hours of domestic & international flights within Airbus and Boeing commercial jets holding up to 350 passengers

Lufthansa – New York, NY

Flight Attendant, June 2014 – March 2016

  • Completed more than 2,500 hours of domestic & international commercial/charter flights
  • Operated safety & mechanical equipment with industry standards and regulations
  • Mentored more than 25 new flight attendants, providing training in health & sanitary standards, safety techniques, and customer service, improving service quality by 25%
  • Conducted through aircraft preflight procedures to ensure a safe journey


National University – La Joya, CA

Associate of Arts in Hospitality & Customer Service

  • Dean’s List
  • Collegiate Honor Award

Additional Skills

  • Bilingual in English & Spanish, fluent in French
  • CPR & First Aid and well-trained in AED
  • American Association of Flight Attendants’ member
  • Trained to inspect different Boeing models ranging from 707 to 787
  • FAA Certification: Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency

How to Write a Flight Attendant Resume

After paying attention to a flight attendant resume example above, now you should practice writing it on your own. Here is the step by step you will need to follow:

  1. Begin with your contact information!
  2. Write your profile simply!
  3. Highlight your professional experience in details!
  4. Include your educational background!
  5. Make a list of your additional skills!

People also ask

What Are the Most Important Characteristics of a Flight Attendant?

A good flight attendant should have a few specific qualities. He/she should possess attentiveness. Besides that, communication skills are also very important for a flight attendant. In addition, other required qualities include physical stamina, decision-making skills, and customer-service skills.

What Disqualifies You from Being a Flight Attendant?

You need to know that social anxiety or shyness can disqualify you from being a flight attendant. Besides, not meeting the minimum age, education, or height will also disqualify you from this job. Other factors that can disqualify you include a cut mark, a scar, a tooth gap, a tattoo on visible body parts.

Flight Attendant Resume with No Work Experience

Flight attendant is a position that is not only for an experienced individual but also a fresh graduate. As long as you meet the required qualifications, you can apply for this job. You are also required to send a resume. This resume will help a fresh graduate to impress a potential employer.

Flight Attendant Resume Template Word

This resume template comes in Word. It means you will be able to edit the resume easily. If you want to write your own resume, just feel free to use and edit this resume template. With this resume, you can save a lot of time and effort in creating an impressive flight attendant resume.

Flight Attendant Resume for College

If you want to start your career while you are not graduated yet, you can use this resume for your reference. This resume is appropriate for a college student, especially who is interested in a flight attendant position. Anyway, this resume will be useful and helpful.

Resume for Flight Attendant First Job

This resume is designed for anyone who wants to be a flight attendant. Whether you are an experienced flight attendant or just looking for your first job, this resume will help you a lot. This resume is written professionally in a proper format. So, make sure that you follow its format & structure for your resume.

Flight Attendant Resume Sample

If you are searching for a resume sample, you are on the right site. Here, you can find a good sample of a resume for a flight attendant position. This resume sample is easy to read. This flight attendant resume template also has a simple format that makes anyone able to follow the resume sample.

Flight Attendant Resume Example

For you who want to write a resume but don’t know how to structure it, it is better to pay attention to this example. This example will inspire you. Just make sure that you write a resume based on your own qualifications. Its content should also fit the job post to make your potential employer impressed.

Free Flight Attendant Resume Template

There are many resume templates available on the internet. If you need a free template, this one what you need. This resume template is not only free to use but also easy to tailor. So, you will be able to make it meet your needs. Then, you will have a big opportunity to get selected for the position.

We all know that writing a flight attendant resume is very challenging. So, you will need a sample and useful tips to guide you. You will be able to write your own resume quickly & effortlessly if you pay attention & follow these guidelines.


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