7+ Functional Resume Templates


Functional Resume Templates for You Who Have No Lots of Experience

Depending on the history of your work, you should consider a functional resume. It focuses on the skills & experiences making you a good candidate for a position. Functional resume templates focus on the skills you’ve developed that fit the job requirements.

Functional Resume Template Sample

The following functional resume template sample will inspire you to write your own resume:

John A. Joe

111 Main Street

Ann Arbor, MI 77777



Career Objective

Versatile & experienced professional with great urban planning and people, research skills, as well as management seeks a job position in urban planning & environmental impact analysis with Fortune 500 Company or a major city.

Core Qualifications

  • Background managing direct transportation planning & program
  • Able to anticipate & project organizational change
  • Adept at managing urban planning program & people
  • Background as office operations’ administrator

Experience & Skills

  • Skilled in government guidelines
  • Urban planning
  • Quality control
  • Environmental impact mitigation & research
  • Geology or hydrology
  • Computer software tools
  • Site evaluations
  • Scientific & business grant writing

Administrative: Lead coordinator for the processing of checks for payment & confidential reports’ mailing, meet strict deadlines, and avoid late fees.

Problem Solving: Designed a program of waste-management involving Recycle An Arbor & a major book company; intended for the handling of paper, glass, metal, plastic, & cardboard, reducing disposal obligations of the company, and achieving annual net saving of 20,000 dollars per building.

Management: Oversaw an expanding research lab’s operations; provide expertise, commitment, & quality control during the significant transition time.

History of Employment

  • Senior Process Engineer, August 2019 – present

JJ Corp., Ann Arbor Mich

  • Process Engineer: Technical Support, January 2015 – August 2019

JJ Corp., Ann Arbor, Mich

  • Technical Professional, March 2013 – December 2019

Start City, Mich


  • Master of Business Administration (2018): GPA 3,8

Southeast Adam University (Online Program)

  • Bachelor of Science (Emphasis: Ecosystem/Environmental Business) June 2015

Western Michigan University

How to Write a Functional Resume

There are a few steps to follow for writing a simple functional resume template. Make sure that you follow the step by step below:

  1. First of all, you will have to list your contact details. This section should be placed at the top of your functional resume.
  2. Second of all, what you need to do is to write an introduction of the resume in details.
  3. After that, you are required to group the skills you possess by type.
  4. For the next step, it is very important to list your educational background that is relevant to the position you are applying.
  5. Last but not least, you have to end your resume with the highlight of your professional accomplishments.

People also ask

What Is a Functional Resume Format?

For your information, a functional resume is a kind of resume format that showcases skills over experience. This kind of resume aims to draw attention to transferable abilities instead of focusing on a chronological overview of the history of your work.

Who Usually Uses a Functional Resume?

Since it focuses on skills & experience rather than on your chronological work history, this type of resume is usually used by a job seeker who would like to change his/her career or who has gaps in his/her employment history.

Does a Functional Resume Really Work?

Today, a functional resume sample is not effective anymore. When using a parsing system, the hiring employer will not be able to see how long or the skills have recently been used if a keyword does not match up.

Functional Resume with No Work Experience

A functional resume should include a few important details they are contact information (your name, phone number, email address, etc.), summary (this should be placed below your name & contact details), relevant skills, professional accomplishments, history of relevant work, and education & training

Functional Resume Template Word

A recruiter hates a functional resume because he/she has to draw his/her own conclusion. The functional resume format is made to cover up gaps in the experience of an applicant and a recruiter knows it. Anyway, our template Word will be very useful for you.

Functional Resume for College

There are many examples of functional skills including for college. Here, one of the examples is the communication. Besides that, organization management also belongs to the functional skills. In addition, research & exploration belongs to functional skills, too. And there are still many other skills you can put.

Functional Resume First Job

A chronological resume is also called a traditional resume. It focuses on your work history. It lists your work experiences. Here, you should include the dates you worked, the job title, & the company for each job you’ve held. Mostly, it lists work experience in reverse chronological order.

Functional Resume Sample

A chronological resume should be used when you have an extensive history of work related to the job you’re applying for. This is a good way to show quickly that you have relevant experiences. On the other side, a functional resume emphasizes your skills. The sample can be found here.

Functional Resume Example

A functional resume example is ideal for those who don’t have many work experiences that are relevant to the job they’re applying for. If you are new to the field, are switching careers, or have gaps in your employment, it is a good idea to consider using this kind of resume.

Free Functional Resume Template

A functional resume is not organized by position. Therefore, you will need another organizational structure. Generally, it is organized by category based on your qualifications or skills. You have to understand it well to make a good functional resume.

Functional resume templates should be written in the proper format & structure. If you have never written such a resume before, you can pay attention to the example above. After understanding how to write it, now you can practice writing it on your own.



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