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Guideline To Make APA Title Page Template For Your Professional Document


There are several formats for writing the title page template that can use. The writing commonly used for formal documents is the APA, the MLA, or the CMS. Some countries choose their official writing convention, but the most widely used is the APA style. The existence of a writing format for an academic document aims to equalize the appearance of the text so that it looks more neat and organized.

Guideline To Make APA Title Page Template

The APA writing format governs as much detail as possible in writing the entire document, including the title page. These settings, such as column size, font type, and size to spacing. So it is impossible to use cartoons or images that do not match the image of education. What must be in the APA title page, namely:

  1. Running Head

Running head or known as a page header, is a shortened version of the paper title. Which should not be more than 50 characters, including spaces and punctuation, but does not include the words “Running Head.” Remember that the title in the running head is an abbreviated version and must write in capitals. The format of writing running head is “Running Head: _Title of your Paper_”. There is a page number on the right of running head.

  1. The Title of The Paper

Under the running head is the title of your paper. Make sure that your claim is no more than 12 words. The writing is to use capital letters on the first letter of every word, but not for short prepositions. Don’t use contractions.

  1. The Full Name of The Author(s)

Of course, on the title page, there must be the author’s full name. Whether the author is only one person or more, write down their full name, surname, middle name, or last name. Don’t enter degrees or degrees.

  1. The Name of Institution

The last part of the title page is the name of the institution or university where the author located. If the author is more than one with more than one affiliations, then writing the name of the institutions is right under the name of the author.

Format Penulisan APA Title Page Template

The American Psychological Association (APA) style regulates in detail the format for writing the title page template. Usually, the APA style used in the social science field. The general rule for APA style writing format is to use Times New Roman 12 pt font, double line spacing, and 1 inch (2.54 cm) margins on either top, bottom, right, or left. The title page must write on standard paper size, namely 8.5 “x 11”. Running head is written flat left. The page number on the title page is not in the middle footer. Still, on the right, parallel to the running head. Especially for student papers, there must be an instructor name, assignment due date, and course number and name.

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title page Ideas

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Now you can write the APA title page template without hesitation because you already know the rules. You must pay attention to the format of writing the title page very carefully.






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