A Full Guidance for Writing an Internship Resignation Letter


If you are an intern in a company and unfortunately are in the dilemma to quit the job and do not know how to write a resignation letter, then this article is here to help you. Writing an internship resignation letter is never easy. It needs to be worded in a professional and proper way so that you maintain the good reputation even though you have to quit. Here, you will find all the needed information related to how to write a good internship resignation letter for an intern and the common reasons behind the quitting decision.

What if I Dislike My Internship?

Before coming to the common reasons to quit, it happens that some people dislike the internship because of several reasons. If this situation applies to you, there are things need to consider before sending the internship resignation letter. First, give it more time. Do not be in a rush to quit. It is a new work environment, with new people, new job assigned to you. It takes time to get used to it, try to see from the positive side before deciding the quit decision. Then, what happen if the internship is hard? It is normal and everyone is going through it. As long as you are still doing the task assigned related to the work and career you choose, it is better not to quit yet. Lastly, try to talk to someone you are close with to know more about the workplace you are in now. This way, you can adjust yourself better and can position whether you need to continue or let it go.

Common Reasons to Quit Internship

You can actually quit the internship but you need a solid reason. Concentrating to a study is one of the most common reasons that is acceptable. Getting offered a job in another company can also be another choice. Whatever the reason is, always show the gratitude of the opportunity given in the intern resignation letter. Not everyone is able to come to that stage so it is always appreciated if you do so.

Sample of Internship Resignation Letter

Below is the sample of internship resignation letter written by an intern who is landed a new job in another company with better future career goals and higher payment. It is brief but still written in a formal tone.

Dear Mr. Salik,

I am writing this letter to inform you of my internship resignation from Salik Goods Delivery. The last day of work will be on 10 June 2015. Please accept this letter as two weeks prior notice. I am thankful to be a part of Salik Goods Delivery although it has only been a month.

Recently, I have received a work offer in another company that is in line with my academic specialization. I enjoy working in Salik Goods Delivery but I believe I will grow to be better if I can apply the knowledge I have from my university. I am sorry if I cause any inconvenience because of my resignation. Please feel free to contact me at 222-333-444 if you have further questions.

I thank you for the cooperation and assistance during my career here. I hope Salik Goods Delivery will grow even bigger in the future.



Nina Kalina

We hope the internship resignation letter above gives you clearer idea of how to write a proper and concise yet professional letter.


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