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Call Center Resume Example as a Reference for Candidates

Becoming a call center is an interesting matter, especially for those who have a good ability in communication. However, to be a new call center, you need to follow the recruitment process and make a resume to highlight personal capacity. That is why seeing a call center resume example is needed.

Yes, a resume is an important document to be prepared when you join the recruitment process. Something that you need to know, a recruiter will consider the capabilities of a candidate and choose whether they are capable or not through a resume.

That is why you need to be careful in writing your resume. Here, we will talk to you about some matters about a resume to be known as a reference to join the recruitment process of being a new call center.

Sample of Call Center Resume

Considering the call center resume sample is important since the sample will highlight the detailed information that you need to include. By seeing the sample, of course, you also could see the arrangement of the detailed information inside a resume.

We have a simple sample of a resume for a new call center. Just see this sample below and learn its details.

Jackson Volk

Dallas, TX | (555) 199-1022 | Jackson.volk@email.com

Personal Summary

A highly dedicated customer service professional committed to reaching the goals of the company while helping the whole customers find a satisfactory solution. Resourceful problem solver that could adapt to different conditions, including a stressful situation in assisting different customers with different needs.


The Coral Spring State University

Business Administration and Information Technology

May 2010 – June 2014

Employment Experience

The River Tech Flights, Customer Call Center Representative

July 2019 – current

  • Assisted over 100 customers daily by making airline travel arrangements
  • Answered the question about the flights and resolved kinds of complaints
  • Maintained a monthly customer satisfaction
  • Improved the average talk time to the customers by adapting the communication style
  • Achieved one-call resolution

Green Valley Tech, Call Center Representative

May 2015 – June 2019

  • Revised at list six help documents each month for the website
  • Navigated more than 500.000-item product catalog to research solution for the different customers
  • Evaluated the needs of more than 100 commercial customers to help them purchase the right supplies for the industrial


  • Phone etiquette
  • Customer experience
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving

How to Make a Professional Call Center Resume?

The sample of call center resumes can be a good reference to make a professional document. However, it is better when you also know how to write the whole resume. By knowing the steps in writing a whole resume, of course, you could finish your document easily.

Some steps to follow in writing a good resume are:

  • Use a formal and appropriate resume
  • Add the detailed name and other contact information
  • Write an interesting headline inside a resume
  • Add a professional resume summary
  • Include some experience of work
  • List the relevant skills
  • Add the information of education, certification, and awards if you have

What are the best skills that a call center needs to have?

To be a professional call center, there are some skills that a candidate needs to have. The skills that a candidate of a call center needs to have are:

  • Communication skills
  • Complaint resolution
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time management
  • Bilingual customer support
  • Positive attitude
  • Detail-oriented

How to make the best resume summary?

To make a great resume summary, there are some matters that you could consider, as:

  • Describe the strong character just in a couple of sentences
  • Mention the current job title and professional experience
  • Say how you want to help the employer gets their targets
  • Add some key information, including the achievements to prove your capability

What are the common mistakes of call center resumes to be avoided?

To write a good call center resume, you need to avoid some common resumes, such as:

  • The spelling and grammatical error
  • Focus on duties rather than achievements
  • Incorrect information
  • A too-long resume
  • Poor format
  • Irrelevant information
  • Using clichés

Kinds of Call Center Resume Template

To make a professional call center resume, you also could use a template as a guide. Well, using a template is a very interesting solution to be applied. By using a template, you just need to follow the structure of a resume and personalize the detailed personal information there.

Trainer Call Center Resume Template

When you could train the call center, becoming a trainer is an interesting matter to continue your career. However, to join the management, you need to prove your capability first. To show your power, this template can be your certain guide.

Sales Call Center Resume Template

The sales call center is needed by the management for the promotion. The management will need more people for this position. That is why a chance to be a new call center is bigger here. This template can help you to join the recruitment and become the new sales call center.

No Experience Call Center Resume Template

For those who have no experience, writing a call center resume will be challenging. However, with this template, you could handle your need easily. This template will show what to be written inside a resume and build personal value to get the recruiter’s attention.

Students Call Center Resume Template

A student may have a chance to be a call center, especially for a part-time job. However, they still need to join the recruitment process. Here, when you are interested to be a new call center, this template is a true helper to be applied.

Manager Call Center Resume Template

Becoming a manager for the call center is a nice matter and sometimes it becomes a person’s dream. Well, substantively you have a chance to be the next manager. However, you need to prove your capability. This template of call center resume can be a great guide to help you show your capability.

Well, that is all about the detailed call center resume. You may see the call center resume example and make the best document to increase the chance to be recruited. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.


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