Why Is It Important To Write A CPA Recommendation Letter?

Certified Public Accountants (CPA) still need letters of recommendation to apply for jobs, find clients, or apply for promotions. As with other reference letters, the format of this letter is also written in a clear and concise form by a person who knows the applicant’s performance well. If someone you know asks you to write a CPA recommendation letter, you should make it perfectly by paying attention to some important aspects. In this article, we will cover a few points regarding letters of recommendation for the CPA.


How To Write A Letter of Recommendation for CPA?

Letters of recommendation are usually written by employers or clients who already know the applicant well. In writing the right letter of recommendation, there are several aspects that you need. The following will discuss several aspects that you should include in your reference letter:

Writing the facts

You must know the applicant well, write the name of the applicant at the beginning of the paragraph stating that you recommend him/her to become a CPA at the company. You must also disclose your relationship with the applicant, how you can get to know the accountant so you decide to recommend him/her.

Explain Your Background

Your background is also very important in writing a reference letter. Tell the recipient of the reference letter that you have the same background as the accountant you are recommending. If you do not have the same background, it is better to refuse to write the reference letter.

However, if you write it as a client, you can tell how the accountants have done a job well and on time.

Specific Skills

You also need to add the specific skills of the applicant. How his / her qualifications, experience, and what has been done so far brings great benefits to the development of the company.

You can also add that you know the personality of the accountant, from the accountant’s attitude to work colleagues and clients, and how he/she resolves problems. Keep your tone positive.

Is it Important to Write a Letter of Recommendation for CPA?

Writing a reference letter is required in any field, including recommending an accountant. As well as a resume and cover letter, an employer will love a reference letter added by an application. So it is important to write a CPA recommendation letter, so the accountant application can be considered by the employer.

CPA Recommendation Letter Example

By paying attention to a few details for writing a recommendation letter, you can get a quality format. Below is a practical example you can use as inspiration before writing your letter:

Dear Mr. Brown,

I’m writing to recommend Denise Parker as the next CPA for your company. Denise has worked with our company for four years and her brilliant performance has helped a lot in the development of our company. We know we were going to lose one of the brightest employees like Denise, but we had to let her go for a bigger and wider career.

Denise has a big responsibility, she always does her job perfectly, and can solve problems well. Denise is not only good at work but also in socializing with other employees. Denise is also very much loved by her clients because she also has a friendly and cheerful personality.

I am sure that Denise will serve your company well. Therefore, I highly recommend Denise to be your team and your next CPA. If you have any questions, please contact me at (555)-5555-555 or by email at williamxyzcompany@email.com.

Best Regards,


William Scott, CPA


XYZ Company

In brief, your CPA recommendation letter must be written shortly and clearly. You also have to state that you know about the accountant well, including the qualifications, experiences, and performance.



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