4+ Simple Will Template


You can Write Your Simple Will Template Sample


Simple will template sample will help you to deliver your last will before your death. It is how you can create it.

When you are on the edge of your time, but there are many things you haven’t done, you can create this kind of template. It allows your beneficiaries to do the things you write in the simple will template sample.


Simple Will Template Sample

It is a document made that contains the wishes of the person who writes the will in detail. This document regards the distribution of the personal assets upon the person’s death. The one who writes the will is called the testator.

The simple will template sample can include the distribution of the personal assets, the activities that the testator wants to do in his/her life, and other things. But mostly, this template is about financial issues.

1. How to write a simple will template sample

When you decide to write this template, you have to be sure that you legalize it in front of the notary. The following are the steps you can take to make it.

  • You need to write the introduction by labeling the document as Last will. The first line can be about your full name and address — state about your age and making it not under pressure.
  • Choose the executor who will carry out the will
  • State your heirs in the template. The heirs are the beneficiaries of your assets.
  • You can name a guardian if your heirs are children. The guardian is to take care of them until they reach the majority age.
  • List your assets and divide them based on the names of your heirs.
  • After you finish writing it, you must sign it up. Make sure that you do it in front of the public notary.
  • Choose witnesses and ask them to sign the template as what you do.

2. Create it by using downloaded will template

Since the internet provides many things, it also provides people the template of will. You don’t need to be in difficulties in creating your simple will template sample because you can download it from the internet.

Be sure that you download the suitable will template. You also need to make sure that the template of will is editable. You can consult it to the attorney that you have covered your interests in the template.


This simple will template sample is essential to your assets. The state law can take the assets and decide what they will do to them if you die without making a valid will.



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