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How to Make Event Program Template?


Planning and creating an event is not a simple matter that only involves inviting guests to animate it. Many things must have prepared from beginning to end, one of which is promotion. Promotion can have done using social media or directly. It requires an appropriate and professional event pogram template. To create this template, many online sitters provide diverse designs with different consumer needs. This article will discuss how to create program events using Canva and Word.

Steps to Create an Event Program Template

  1. Using Canva’s Online Site

Canva is a platform design that is very familiar to the people. This platform provides a variety of designs for various needs with diagrams and types made by professional designers. Besides, Canva also allows us to change and optimize a template to our liking. The things that must have considered in designing with Canva, namely:

  1. You must log in to Canva. You must regrister if you dont have an acoount and then signing in to designing.
  2. Choose the right template theme. Canva provides various professional event template programcategories with multiple needs. One thing that must have considered in using this design is the use following the topic of your event. Templates available vary from simple to new categories. And it must be remembered, the models available are free and paid.
  3. Add beautiful typography to your design. Canva provides menus for creating and editing typography from script fonts to sans serif, mild to numerous types. Many types of fonts that are owned by Canva, adjust to your design template. To make typography, you can also use the text holders’ menu.
  4. Include Branding in the template. It relates to a company’s brand. You can add a logo to your event template programso guests can find out who the owner is and what is like the event. Canva for work has the advantage of being a “Brand kit,” which has brand visual assets, including logos, brand pallets, and unique photos.
  5. Using Microsoft Word Software

Word is an identical platform in the deception of words. Although limited, this software can have used to design a template. The following steps can have taken:

  1. Open Ms.Word select the file menu-New-More Template-Available Template Section.
  2. Double click on the “Program” menu, then specify the appropriate program template event.
  3. You can change the title box, highlight the placeholder text, and change it with your event text. The “Font” menu has used to improve the shape according to the design you made
  4. Edit and format all boxes containing information according to your program’s event.
  5. To add a logo, photo, or shape, you can use the “Insert” toolbar where there are menus “Picture,” “Shape,” “Chart,” and others that help you in designing.
  6. Editing and beautifying the template background appearance. Menu “Page Layout” and “Page Color” can helps it.
  7. Once satisfied and following your event’s needs, click “Save” to save the file.

Well, that’s the article about the event program template. It may be useful!.

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